Gentle Giants of the Deep

With summer on our doorstep and spring in full swing, this time of year really marks the perfect time for a spot of whale watching.


Should you find yourself holidaying at any one of our resorts along the Garden Route or in the Cape region, a day trip to the idyllic town of Hermanus should definitely be on your agenda. This small town has long been known as a go-to destination for epic whale watching, but in recent years it has actually be dubbed one of the world’s best spots for land-based whale watching!

The beginning of October brings with it the Hermanus Whale Festival, being the most pristine time of year to marvel at these giant, yet peaceful, creatures of the deep. If you happen to miss the festival, the perfect time to spot whales only ends around November, so you still have time to book your holiday and tick whale watching off your bucket list!

The colossal southern right whale is the giant of the deep to look out for, growing up to 15 metres in length and weighing over 47 tonnes. Naturally, Hermanus offers many professional Whale Watching Cruises that can be enjoyed in large groups or smaller parties.


These outings take visitors out along the edge of the Marine Reserve in search of these often curious and friendly creatures, while cruise boats are able get within 50 metres of the whales.

If you aren’t keen on driving too far out of Cape Town or planning on doing a Cape Peninsula tour, a good option for whale watching would be the Fish Hoek area and surrounds, also known as the South Peninsula.

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