Wildly Wonderful

The Cape Daisy Phenomenon

This is a magical time along the pristine West Coast when every coastal town and inland village, mountains and fields are ablaze with an endless kaleidoscope of wild flowers, which burst almost simultaneously into full bloom. This wonder of nature takes place between the months of August and October each year, and quite simply highlights the natural beauty of the west coast of South Africa.


This phenomenon draws thousands of tourists each year, most in search of the best spot from which to view these colourful carpets of wild daisies. Flower season can be fully enjoyed by combining one or more destinations. To experience the most remarkable displays of the season, flower enthusiasts should visit Postberg within the West Coast National Park, where 80 species of flowering plants are endemic to the region and found nowhere else in the world.


Credit: http://www.rdtours.co.za

Velddrif and surrounding towns Aurora, Elands Bay and Redelinghuys are year- round destinations with special highlights being the flower season. Meander along the various country roads for surprise flower finds. Nature enthusiasts won’t be disappointed at the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, the private reserves around Darling and Hopefield, and the annual local wild flower shows at Clanwilliam, Hopefield or Darling.

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