Gifting a Getaway  

“The joy of brightening other lives becomes for us the magic of the holidays.” W.C. Jones

Christmas gifts we can hold are usually what we find under the Christmas tree, but what about giving the gift of an experience to remember forever + you’re included! Everyone would love to find a holiday under their trees this festive period because spending time unwinding and connecting with you is truly an irreplaceable experience your loved ones can treasure.

Trips & Tips for Twos

Travel together and get lost in beautiful places!
When your significant other is happy, you’re even happier, right? Surprising the love of your life with that romantic getaway can get the sparks flying and the passion pulsing. Wherever you’re planning to stay, the most important part of a romantic getaway is reconnecting with the one your heart desires the most.

Spring into A Heritage Day Experience

Spring into A Heritage Day Experience

“Nothing ever seems impossible in spring, you know” – L.M Montgomery.

Possibilities are everywhere, especially when Spring vibes meet Heritage Month celebrations! Flowers, freshness, and festivity reign. Technically, Spring in the Southern Hemisphere only starts on the 23rd of September – which is perfect timing for that Heritage Day Experience.

What does Heritage Day actually involve, though? From dressing in our most iconic traditional clothing to gathering and sharing our culture’s unique food and music, there are no set rules for how we choose to celebrate. Many of us unite in the celebration of Braai Day (also on the 24th of Sept) to celebrate a custom we all share: Tjops (and Dops!) Instead of staying home and sticking close to your own braai this year, we think a Heritage Day Experience can create a blooming effect in both body and mind!

“Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are.”

This month, we as South Africans and people around the world will celebrate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. He was crucial in liberating our country and establishing democracy. Madiba was also known for his love, support, and selflessness.
International Mandela Day takes place every year on 18th July (Madiba’s birthday). But what is the significance of it? For some, it means dedicating 67 minutes to a selfless deed, for others it’s just a day off from work! However, we can ALL heed the call to do something and recognise our individual power to make a difference and change the world.


No more lockdown, you HAVE to let your hair down!

After being under strict Covid restrictions and lockdown for so long, we feel that the month of MAY totally lives up to its name with regard to TRAVELLING and other stuff we can do! It is now the perfect time to not only think about it but to book to see the things and places you’ve always wanted to do. It is safer NOW to travel after all. Book straightaway and have yourself and your family an unforgettable experience in one or more awesome places around the country.

To travel is to be free!

“There is something in us that refuses to be regarded as less than human. We are created for freedom.” – Desmond Tutu
April arrives with fun and festivities – Easter, family time, and Freedom Day. The month has so many holidays that it’s the best time for a gorgeous getaway! Whether you’re planning a solo trip, family holiday or a romantic rendezvous, travel will never disappoint.