Gifting a Getaway  

“The joy of brightening other lives becomes for us the magic of the holidays.” W.C. Jones

Christmas gifts we can hold are usually what we find under the Christmas tree, but what about giving the gift of an experience to remember forever + you’re included! Everyone would love to find a holiday under their trees this festive period because spending time unwinding and connecting with you is truly an irreplaceable experience your loved ones can treasure.

Chaka’s Rock Chalets Uplifts Zilungisele Primary School

Chaka’s Rock Chalets, situated in Ballito, gets into the Christmas spirit, and lends a hand to Zilungisele Primary School. In preparation for the New Year, and the hot summer months, the resort installed some much needed ceiling fans in the class rooms. Salome Chetty, a teacher from the school had this to say, “I have…… Continue reading Chaka’s Rock Chalets Uplifts Zilungisele Primary School