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Travel together and get lost in beautiful places!

When your significant other is happy, you’re even happier, right? Surprising the love of your life with that romantic getaway can get the sparks flying and the passion pulsing. Wherever you’re planning to stay, the most important part of a romantic getaway is reconnecting with the one your heart desires the most.

Why should you plan a romantic getaway? To create those sparkling (and lasting) memories for your partner’s birthday, special anniversary, an “I’m sorry” treat, or just for the love of love. There are so many reasons to celebrate the love you two share. Whatever the occasion (or even if there isn’t a specific life event), how you plan your romantic getaway is key to the experience being lit.

Here are a few ideas on how to get started when planning that passionate holiday. Be prepared to fall in love with your special someone, again.

Planning a Surprise Romantic Holiday

Planning a surprise takes some serious sneaking – but in a good way. Trying to fend off your partner’s suspicions of sneaky behaviour can be hectic. But the best surprise is when he/she doesn’t even suspect a thing. This is obviously easier said than done, especially if the love of your life is a natural detective. When planning a surprise holiday, here are 6 steps to follow to help you sink into the romantic surprise experience.

Step 1: Clear Both Your Schedules – this one is the trickiest. Especially when you’re planning a midweek getaway. How do you tell your partner to take midweek leave off work without giving away the surprise? Well, you know your partner best. Would telling them you have important stuff to do at home cut it for them? For example-

  • Cleaning out the garage or spring cleaning the home?
  • Sorting out the garden or redesigning the kid’s room/kitchen?
  • Friends or family of yours (that your partner doesn’t know, of course) are visiting for the week from overseas?

It may seem like a stretch, but this really depends on your partner and what they’re most likely to believe. Yes, it sounds like very sneaky work (#sneakattack), but it’ll be worth it when they are whisked away by you and spoilt with romance and fun on that hot-under-the-collar holiday. If all else fails, another option is to let your partner choose the timeframe themselves, without telling them anything else.

Step 2: Decide Where You are Going – whether you choose the bush, Berg, or beach as your favoured spot for spark-flying romance, try and find a getaway destination where you can shake off your normal routine. Choose something you both will enjoy:

  • Do you want pristine mountain views with crisp fresh mornings and sundowners beside the bonfire?The tranquil Whispering Waters in the Natal Midlands can help your love blossom as you wend your way along the Midlands Meander.
  • Do you want log-cabin luxury beside a lagoon? Tend to your growing love in a lush-garden setting getaway at Knysna River Chalets.
  • Do you want sand between your toes and the surf crashing nearby? Kowie River Chalets, overlooking the Indian Ocean, has the log-cabin experience at the shore.

Step 3: Plan for Fun Activities – Every couple is unique, so this step is the ultimate “You do you” step in the plan. Being out of the normal day-to-day setting means you have plenty of time to fill, making those cosy memories. You know your partner best… what do they like?

  • Outdoor sports?
  • Indoor spoils?
  • Dining at trendy restaurants?
  • Historical sites?

Whatever you’re thinking, remember to ‘keep connecting’ in mind. Picking activities where you and your boo can get up close and personal or stare into each other’s eyes trumps sweating up a storm metres apart on a hike or ziplining down separately. Find tandem activities to keep the focus on the closeness between you two. Planning cuddle time, hand-in-hand walks, intimate catch-up chats or sitting in silence watching the sunset are also super romantic, especially if you don’t always have the time for this kind of connecting during your normal week.

Step 4: Find the Best Places To Eat – If your partner’s a foodie, this step may be harder! Either way, do some research about the best places to eat before you go. Food is the one thing in the day you will have to make time for to keep your energy up for all that… (wink wink) romantic activity! So, think of your and your lover’s favourite foods and plan the meal destinations. Prior to booking or leaving, in general conversation, find out what your other half is craving. It can add that extra touch of romantic flair if you’ve even planned some exciting top taste-bud moments. Think variety, location, and privacy for some of them. This could mean:

  • a picnic on the beach in a secluded area or by a waterfall
  • a quiet booth at the resort restaurant
  • a private table at a nearby exclusive restaurant

Step 5: Pack Your Bags – this is also tricky, so make lists! We suggest putting these headings on your list:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Toiletries/Cosmetics
  • Swimming & Activities Gear
  • Electronics & Chargers

Plus other items that may be unique to you and your partner, e.g. medication pack or fishing gear (depends on your choices).

Lists also help for the reveal moment, so if you decide to give your partner 10 minutes to take whatever they MUST HAVE before you get in the car to get-a-way, you will have a list they can look at to see what’s already in the bag. Don’t forget the daypack/backpack to use during the day on mini-exploring sessions and while you’re on little adventures. Usually, a backpack that can fit phones, water bottles, maybe easy-to-eat snacks, and towels will do.

Step 6: Decide How You Will Reveal – Now, this is the fun part! Whether you tell them as soon as you book it, wait ‘til the last moment to reveal the plan, blindfold your partner on the drive or flight, or add even more romance with a slow reveal of love notes with clues in the weeks or days leading up to the trip (to heighten the anticipation) – everyone’s gonna LOVE the reveal because: Who DOESN’T love a holiday? And a romantic one at that!

Best Romantic Getaways

Romantic getaways don’t always have to be a surprise! We’ll say it again: Who DOESN’T love a holiday? And a romantic one at that! So, springing the idea on your partner and sitting down with them to plan the romance can be fun for you both. This just means that the connecting starts even before you’ve packed your bags or decided where you’re going to do your best canoodling.

Take bae out for a yummy dinner date and share your plans for this amazing romantic getaway. Discuss ideas about the best places to go or the fun stuff you both want to get up to. Communication is key in a good relationship and the same goes for a good romantic getaway trip. Being clear about what you want and expect helps the rest of the planning and the actual alluring adventure go smoother than silk.

Finding out if your significant other prefers the beach over the Berg will help you decide whether you should book The Palace at Durban’s beachfront or Bushman’s Nek in the Southern Drakensberg. Knowing if your spouse loves swimming or spa spoils will help you decide on the best ‘holiday prep gift’ to get: a snazzy cozzie or a comfy fluffy gown in their size? Or Both! Deciding on walks on the beach or horse riding (on the beach or in the Berg) helps to decide whether to pack your flops or boots (with the fur). Here are a few important things to discuss when you sit down to chat with your favourite person about this next romantic getaway:

  1. Where should we go? Bush, Berg, beach!
  2. When should we go?
  3. What should we do in our free time? Activities or stay in bed! (Maybe, a bit of both?)
  4. What kind of foods do we want to eat there? Pasta or local game, etc.
  5. How are we going to pack?

If you’ve got kids or pets, you can even add: Where do we leave the kids, dogs, etc.?

Second Honeymoon Ideas

Whether you’re fanning the flames of your love life or rekindling the fire, planning a second honeymoon can bring the heat. When we say “honeymoon” what do you think of? Cosy cuddles by the fireplace? Sundowners and sexy smiles? Skinny dipping? Never leaving the room unless you have to? Massages? Feeding each other chocolate and strawberries? Romantic walks on the beach or in the mountains?

We know ‘life happens’, so if you’ve never been on a honeymoon – for whatever reason – planning some personal time with the love of your life is key to rekindling the passion. And even if you’ve been on the best honeymoon ever – even if your normal life routine allows many moments to reconnect – taking a break from the same schedule to make special memories with your spouse can relight your fire of love. It can shift the energies between you and your better half as you remember your first honeymoon. Memories are everything, and creating new honeymoon memories to cherish can be the key to making it to the next anniversary with big smiles.

What to keep in mind when planning a second honeymoon:

  1. Where? – Ask your partner where they would like to go.
  2. When? – It doesn’t need to be your anniversary to plan that honeymoon adventure! Marriage can be hard, and you guys deserve the treat of not waiting too long.
  3. Upgrade the experience – If you’re looking at local options, check which resorts have penthouse suites or honeymoon suites to up the experience of love. For example, the La Montagne Penthouse comes with all the frills and thrills to elevate the romance.
  4. Pack appropriately – If you’re going for cocktails to the beach, slops and thongs are more appropriate than if you’re going horse-riding in the Berg where boots and takkies are needed for rides, golf, trails, or romantic hikes.
  5. Get excited together – However long ago you got married, think about how far you both have come together, and relish the excitement from the planning stage to the check-in, and especially while you’re on your love adventure. This is the key to making it stick in your long-term memory banks. And while things may happen you CAN NOT tell the grandkids about, you can still reminisce together long after you’ve returned home.
  6. Itinerary – Plan ‘honeymoon-like’ activities and simple sweet gestures: petals trails to the bedroom, champagne/wine by the fire, spa treatments for two, feeding each other chocolates and strawberries on the beach, trekking around the resort (and nearby hot spots) hand-in-hand admiring the world with love as the filter. 

Best Mid-week Couples getaways

What about checking in knowing a lot of the romance spoils are already taken care of? Enjoy a romantic getaway with the “love filter” already activated! We’ve got a great deal to help the romance along. Planning the perfect romantic getaway is stressful enough without the cost becoming an issue. We’ve put together the perfect recipe for a romantic getaway for two at the best price plus perks:

The Midweek Couples Package includes accommodation plus some extra frills:

  • 3 nights’ Accommodation
  • 1-hour Couples massage
  • 2-hour Horse ride
  • Picnic lunch
  • Breakfast daily
  • Bottle of wine & Lindt chocolate on arrival

Check out these awesome resorts that you can turn into your love-nest for your romantic midweek break:

Bushman’s NekPick from a hotel, studio, 1-bed cabin or honeymoon suite – plus the frills.
Chaka’s Rock Chalets1-bed with seaside views – plus the frills which include a game drive.
La MontagnePick from a studio or sea view hotel/studio – plus frills including a game drive.
Midlands Saddle & Trout1-bed(is all you need)in the majestic Midlands – plus the frills.

Find out more about these awesome Midweek Couples Packages and you can whisk your lover off to infuse your mid-week with those passionate memories:

It’s ALWAYS a good time to connect with the love of your life, just the two of you! So, plan that next romantic holiday getaway so sparks continue to fly and the fire of your love sizzles.

Go on, fall in love again!

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