First Group is one of the world’s largest resort management Companies and manages over 55 holiday destinations throughout South Africa. First Group has introduced a new dimension in guest experiences, intended specifically to indulge all the senses of guests visiting any Resort. Stuart Lamont, Chairman of the Group says, “Essentially, the highly researched programme is based upon creating and retaining great memories and experiences by engaging the various senses including touchable finishes, therapeutic aromas, scintillating tastes, heart warming music and soothing sounds, amongst many others.”

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  1. What more could one ask for then to sit and relax outside and breath in the fresh air and look at the beautiful mountains and the country side at the Bushman’s Nek Resort,it is one of the best Resort’s one can stay at.


  2. I have not been on a proper holiday in 5 years. I had a brain operation and me and hubby is still paying off medical accounts because I did not have a medical aid and I would have died in a state hospital. We have to pay Olivedale clinic thousands of rands. Would like to go away and breath in the fresh air.


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