Triple the Thrill

Kloofing in the Magaliesberg

Kloofing, also known as canyoneering is relatively new to the outdoor sporting world, and is not for the faint-hearted! If you have a glint of adventure in your bones, keen to enjoy a full day in the great outdoors and don’t mind getting a little muddy, then a day of kloofing is right up your alley.

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A kloofing tour involves triple the thrill – starting the day off with a guided hike up the river valley through stunning forested scenery, surrounded by magnificent cliffs of the gorge, you will be awarded with a well-deserved lunch after this first leg of the journey.

Once at the top of the gorge, you will begin to make a heart-racing vertical descent, abseiling through waterfalls, slithering over huge boulders scattered across the river bed, as well as plunging into many pools. The descent may be faster than your trek to the top, but it certainly will leave you breathless! Once at the foot of your descent your will be required to swim to the exit of the gorge.

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The natural gorge changes with the seasons and weather, so although the above description is the plan, do be prepared for changes! It is advisable that you be of moderate fitness and relatively comfortable with heights for a kloofing tour.

Organise yourself a trip with GoVertical Mountaineering Adventures for a full day of action, while marvelling at the stunning surroundings of the Magaliesberg.

GoVertical Mountaineering Adventure Tour Requirements: 

  • Meet at 9am in Magaliesberg.
  • Follow them through to the gorge, normally finishing around 4.30pm
  • Take a minimum booking of 2 people, unless there is a scheduled adventure to join.

The cost includes:

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