Trippin’ down holiday lane

As the world slowly starts creeping back to normal, what better way is there to unwind than a road trip through the majesty of KZN? Aside from its sweeping natural beauty, KZN has a rich and diverse cultural heritage and is a melting-pot of different people coming together to create a totally unique holiday experience that can be enjoyed in any season.

From stretches of golden beach and endless deep blue seas to rolling green hills and snow-capped peaks, KZN offers you almost every kind of holiday you could want — along with cows to count dotted along the freeway. These are sure to delight your travel companions, whether it’s your little humans or your bigger humans who are still kids at heart.

We’re here to help you with a few Road Trip Travel Tips (say that really fast five times for a tongue-twister in the car)!

  • Your partner-in-crime.
    You must pick the right person / people to travel with. Whether it’s your partner, your bestie, your favourite family members, or you’re riding solo, you need someone who is up for an adventure.
  • Play with the playlist.
    Set the tone for your adventure with the right soundtrack. Think of your favourite songs, think of that feeling you get listening to them, and then imagine enjoying them as you navigate the picturesque scenery to eventually arrive at one of our beautiful, peaceful resorts.  
  • Snack time!
    Make sure you have the perfect padkos to stave off the munchies until you can treat yourself at one of our on-site restaurants. We have to warn you though, when you see the variety on offer, you may regret having all that extra biltong!
  • Need for speed … or not?
    Make sure you and your travel buddies are on the same page regarding the trip. Are you going to take it slow so you can drink in the sights before arriving and indulging in the many activities we have available for you? Or are you going to make haste to one of our little slices of heaven? We won’t blame you if you choose the latter!

As much as you’re going to enjoy the journey, you need to know where you’re going to end up. Destination is key, so here are our favourite spots:

Head down South to destress

Hidden away in the quaint little town of Pennington is our Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel & Spa.  Whether you prefer to unwind on the green or on the massage table, Selborne boasts a championship golf course and a world-class wellness spa.  Oh, and the fine dining restaurant is sure to tantalise your tastebuds too. And as if it couldn’t get any dreamier, our Selborne property is also a fully restored colonial mansion, surrounded by acres of lush vegetation – a haven of tranquillity! You want to book right now, don’t you? You should totally do it!

Live the Luxe Life up North

Maybe you want more of a vibe, like something out of a movie: classy and expensive, but without breaking your budget? We’ve got you! Just picture it: breathtaking sea views and direct beach access, a crystal-clear pool begging for you to jump in, luxury spa and restaurant facilities, and access to all the wonders that the sunny seaside town of Ballito has to offer. La Montagne is exactly what you’re looking for – all the joys of an upmarket escape that’ll keep your bank account happy too.

Marvel at the wonder of the Midlands

Maybe you’re just not a beach person. That’s okay too! The KZN Midlands is the kind of wilderness fantasy you probably dream of. Softly rolling green hills as far as the eye can see, with the majestic Drakensberg in the background (and maybe some snow if you’re lucky this winter!), and gorgeous clear blue skies.

Tucked away at Mooi River in the heart of the Midlands is Midlands Saddle & Trout – a blissful haven of rustic charm, complemented by exciting activities for the young and not-so-young, a wellness centre and a fantastic restaurant. As much as I don’t want to interrupt your gazing off into the distance as you daydream, you should make this fantasy a reality by booking right now!

We have so many ways to keep you entertained during your escape to the country: horse riding, fishing, adventure golf, birdwatching and a treasure trove of board games. Whatever you want, we’re here to make your vacation dreams come true.

Worried about the pandemic?

We know. We’re worried too. But aside from road-tripping being a much safer alternative than hopping on a flight right now, we have made every possible effort to keep you and your loved ones safe while you unwind with us. We’ve implemented our PristinePurposeCleaned programme to transform these resorts into COVID-safe zones to ensure that you can focus on your holiday while we handle the hygiene.

It’s booking time!

So, make your booking, get your music and snacks ready, choose your special travel mates, and let the good times roll on your awesome holiday adventure!

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