A magical year in focus

As we approach the end of the year, we’d like to take a moment to look back and reflect on some of the most magical moments in 2019. A plenitude of property news, updates, features and launches have enabled us to elevate the First Group property portfolio whilst also helping you – our treasured guests and club members – create unforgettable memories during your holiday breaks.

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In collaboration with Peach Piché and Fresh Eyes, the launch of the XO Academy reshaped overall customer experience across the board. Our XO Academy is aimed at turning all our staff into GEMS, Guest Experience Managers. By completing rigorous XO Training, many of our staff members got to celebrate with an XO certificate, gown and qualification.

IMAGE 2.png
XO Graduates

We are exceptionally proud that we got to drive more XO service excellence throughout the year. With dedicated staff members who are trained and willing to assist you no matter what your holiday needs are, you are set for one-of-a-kind holiday experiences – time and time again.

Our memory-makers

We value the relationship we enjoy with guests and club members on social media. From our online feedback, we can safely assert that many visitors have experienced only the finest hospitality during their holiday stays this year. Here are some of our favourite holiday pictures, shared on our various social media platforms. We never want to stop delivering on our promise: helping you create magical and lasting memories all the time.

IMAGE 3.png
Guest/Club member images from social media

Member reviews

The reviews of our guests and club members mean the world to us. This year, it was awesome to see that our properties are delivering on the expectations of our holidaymakers. These reviews prove that First Group is determined to make sure that every trip you make to our properties across the country are unforgettable ones, from the moment you check-in at reception to the very last moments before you depart to return home. Great reviews mean happy guests, and happy guests are our passion.

IMAGE 4.png
Guest/Club member images from social media

Our experience started with Magaliespark, then to Midlands Saddle & Trout, La Montagne and now Bushman’s Nek. We totally fell in love with it, beautiful accommodation, amazing staff, breath-taking views. We were left in awe of the amazing experiences.
-Natasha Grobbelaar

We recently visited Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel & Spa; what a lovely place. The staff wre friendly, helpful and professional. We had a wonderful stay, definitely coming back!
-Phiwokuhle Mfusi

I booked for my parents and they had a fantastic week away. I had to experience it myself!
What an absolutely refreshing retreat!
-Phindille Ntuli

Guest/Club member images from social media

New acquisitions

The Group purchased the uShaka sales outlet a few months ago, and extensive renovations have been underway to turn it into one of our most valuable high-profile outlets. With uShaka as part of the First Group portfolio, even more family fun and holiday adventure can be enjoyed on your next getaway to Kwazulu-Natal’s Hibiscus Coast.

First Leisure – uShaka

Ground-breaking renovations

This year, we spared no expense in our multi-property refurbishment and upgrade project. La Montagne, Riviera Suites, Mount Sierra and Bushman’s Nek all received some of the most expansive renovations – which have taken these properties to a whole new level of luxury. Some of our properties now boast new swimming pools, trendy coffee shops, state-of-the-art conference rooms, revamped pool decks and then some.

IMAGE 7.png
Mount Sierra & Riviera Suites – refurbishments

In case you missed it

Vaczone has been replaced by First Loyalty PLUS. In this awesome rewards programme, you can get up to 50% off on: Holidays, Meals, Movies, Shopping, Spa Treatments, Cruises, Activities, Flights, Car Hire and more. Not already a member? Sign up now and enjoy fantastic deals, discounts and special offers. For more information and to join, visit www.firstloyaltyplus.co.za. Loads of mega rewards await you and are all yours to reap!

CT Double.png

All in all, it has been a rewarding year and we can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring. We thank you for your loyal support; keep choosing First Group for your ultimate holiday experiences.

Share your favourite 2019 holiday memories with us on social media using #MagicalMemories.

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