Holiday tips for perfect summer trips

It’s December, baby! And we know you worked tirelessly throughout the year to save up for a fabulous First Group festive break. To keep the excitement and the holiday countdown going, we’ve got awesome tips to ensure unforgettable getaways for you and your loved ones this sunny season.


These vacay essentials will have you prepped and ready to make the most of your summer. From fun games to health and safety tips, we’ve got you covered!

Family travel games

Those long journeys to your holiday destination can be gruelling. Travel games are a great way to add a little more cheer (and patience) to your trip. They help create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone and bring your family and friends closer together. We guarantee you won’t be hearing: “Are we there yet?” from any of your fellow travellers with these games. 😉

The Memory Game: for the under-18s

Test memory and those good ol’ listening skills in this game. Add a little extra competitiveness with a small financial incentive for the last memory maestro standing (or sitting, in this case).
How to play: Kick off the game with the following phrase: “I’m going on a family trip and I’m bringing…”. Each person adds an item to the list with their own phrase. Each time someone gets something wrong, they get kicked out of the game.
The aim of the game: To remember the accumulating list as accurately as possible. The last player takes all!


20 Questions: for all ages

For families needing a little more understanding and appreciation for each other, this game will help you get to know one another better.

Pre-trip preparation: Get everyone who’ll be travelling with you to write questions down on pieces of paper (make sure you have at least 20). Collect all the questions and put them in a little bag, box or container.

How to play: During the trip, circulate the questions and let each person pick a question to answer. You’ll be surprised how much can be revealed in this game.

The aim of the game: To strengthen bonds and learn new information about each other.

Sometimes I Wonder Why…: for the adults

This game is for mature travellers, like a group of friends or couples who are road tripping together. It’s meant to be deeper than the usual car games, because each traveller gets a chance to confess the things they often wonder about.

How to play: Take turns opening up about which of the world’s or life’s mysteries boggle your mind the most. Use the phrase “Sometimes I wonder why…” to make your confessions.

The aim of the game: This game exposes what people often muse about and can help people relate to each other regarding their fears, anxieties and internal conflicts.


Packing tips

We all know that feeling of being well on your way to your holiday destination, then realising that you forgot an essential item. To avoid having to turn around, do without your must-haves or purchase new ones, make sure you’ve checked for these before you depart:

  • All chargers (including your power banks)
  • Your medical aid card/s & a first-aid kit – in case of medical emergencies
  • One or two warm clothing items – just in case the weather takes an unexpected turn on one or more of your days away.

Safety tips

We never want to think of something going wrong while we’re on holiday, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. We suggest you email recent copies of your IDs (and any other important documents) and full details of your holiday accommodation (physical address, contact numbers, etc.), so that in the case of an emergency, your friends and family can assist you in any way necessary.

Don’t forget to plan and cater for kids’ car seats, neck pillows and more, where applicable. Work out comfortable, convenient and safer seating arrangements for all ages.


Health, body & beauty tips

First things first: sunscreen! With the weather heating up more each week, don’t take any chances. Always protect your and your loved ones’ skin.

Pack moisturisers, creams and body oils (e.g. coconut oil) that double up as disinfectants, burn treatments, soothing ointments etc.

Ladies, opt for multi-purpose make-up to save packing space in your toiletry bag. Cream blush, dual eye & lip liner and a statement lipstick (e.g. red) – for a general pop of colour – will suffice.

Don’t forget to pack and wear flip flops in the bathroom and shower areas. Protect your feet as much as you can.


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Sometimes a sudden change in pre-scheduled holiday activities or bad weather can throw a spanner in the works. Don’t despair. Make sure to take along some back-up family entertainment, such as board games, to keep the family busy. For the avid readers and writers, take along a journal or some books. If push comes to shove, a few movies or series saved on a USB stick can save the day. If you want to avoid the telly altogether, cook and braai together as a family for a bit of culinary fun.


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Happy holidays!

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