Desert Rose Gives Hope and Wheels to Ester

The Desert Rose staff, Ester and Rebecca. Johan and Resort Manager, Marieta.
The Desert Rose staff, Ester and Rebecca. Johan and Resort Manager, Marieta.

Every morning Johan and his wife, Marieta would drive past Ester and her mother, Rebecca on their way to work. Until one day they decided to stop and ask Rebecca about their whereabouts. Rebecca then informed them that Ester could not attend school due to her condition she could only be removed from her wheel chair if needed because any mishap could lead to further deterioration of her nerves system. They often travel long distances because Rebecca tends to people’s gardens that don’t permanently live in Henties Bay.

Rebecca’s biggest problem for her daughter, Ester was that the tyres of the wheelchair get stuck in the soft sand next to the road. She is unable to travel on the road itself because of the traffic.  Marietta and Johan decided to put their heads together and find a way that they could assist this family. Johan, Marieta and the Desert Rose staff managed to gather a total of R1500.00. This was used to buy the rims and tyres that are better suited for the sandy conditions.

“Rebecca does not receive any medical pension from the government nor does she have a bank account. If anybody wishes to make a donation they are welcome to contact me or Marieta. Our email address is We will gladly keep them up to date with what we do with the money,” says Desert Rose’s Head of Maintenance, Johan Van Den Berg.

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