Fun, Fast Facts!

The African Elephant Elephants can hear one another’s trumpet calls up to 8 kilometres away The largest elephant ever recorded weighed approximately 10, 886 kilograms Elephants can suffer from sunburn, so they protect their skin with sand Elephants, above any animal in the animal kingdom, have the best sense of smell An elephant trunk is…… Continue reading Fun, Fast Facts!

Up, Up and Away!

South Africa is rated one of the most naturally diverse and beautiful countries in the world, but then you already knew that didn’t you? Whether you are new to the country, or have not yet experienced all it has to offer, head to the North West for a slice of South African paradise in the…… Continue reading Up, Up and Away!

Jozini the Great

The next time you are on holiday up the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, add a day trip to Jozini Dam to your list of things to do! The North Coast is well-known as a diving and snorkelling hot spot, but lesser known, equally as breathtaking activities in this region include wildlife and game spotting as…… Continue reading Jozini the Great

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

When it comes to big game spotting, the winter months within most South African game parks yield some of the best sightings – due to the cooler day temperatures. The Eastern Cape is home to some of the most outstanding game parks in the country, each characterised by its own, unique safari experience. Within the…… Continue reading Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Calling All Avid Adventurers!

If you are planning a trip to the Drakensberg and looking to conquer any one of the magnificent hiking trails throughout this region – whether it is a day trip or an overnight cave hike, there are a few essential items and tips to remember… Essentials to pack for a day hike Whether it is…… Continue reading Calling All Avid Adventurers!

Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve, A Truly Serene Getaway

Mpumalanga, translated as ‘where the sun rises’ in Swazi, is a place of astounding beauty and environmental importance, and wonders of the natural world are located in nearly every corner of this province. It is here, amongst the rolling green hills of the Mpumalanga landscape, just three hour’s drive from Johannesburg, that you will find…… Continue reading Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve, A Truly Serene Getaway

Unforgettable Sunsets The Bushveld Way, Gethlane Lodge..

January is coming to an end and most of us have probably returned to our jobs. It’s so weird because it feels like the other day you were on holiday. Time flies especially when you are on holiday spending time with your family and friends.  When the office starts to get a bit crazy and…… Continue reading Unforgettable Sunsets The Bushveld Way, Gethlane Lodge..

Gethlane Lodge, A Perfect Winter Bushveld Retreat

For those who would like to relax and soak up the sun in a tranquil peaceful environment, Gethlane Lodge is the perfect getaway for a winter bushveld retreat. We are blessed with warm weather during winter that allows for our guests to soak away their stresses in our Jacuzzi or lounge around the pool. There is…… Continue reading Gethlane Lodge, A Perfect Winter Bushveld Retreat

The Beauty of Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve

Come and spend a weekend at our resort and discover the true beauty of Doornkop Wildlife. For this adventure you will definitely need your binoculars, camera to capture those pricesless moments, hiking gear and your favourite field guide.  The Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve is located near Carolina, Mpumalanga. From the moment you drive through…… Continue reading The Beauty of Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve