Wildly Wonderful

The Cape Daisy Phenomenon This is a magical time along the pristine West Coast when every coastal town and inland village, mountains and fields are ablaze with an endless kaleidoscope of wild flowers, which burst almost simultaneously into full bloom. This wonder of nature takes place between the months of August and October each year,…… Continue reading Wildly Wonderful

Do the Walk of Life

The Point of Human Origins Tour  South Africa’s Garden Route, which stretches along the country’s coastline from east to west, is packed full of hidden treasures and local delights – appealing to outdoor lovers, history fundis, adrenaline junkies, arts and crafts fans and foodies. In fact, whatever you fancy, the Garden Route and the Western…… Continue reading Do the Walk of Life

Oh, Darling!

Whether you are holidaying within Cape Town itself or further along up the West Coast, a road trip through Darling, one of the Cape’s most unassuming gems, is a must! Just under an hour’s drive from Cape Town centre, and a stone’s throw inland from the West Coast, you will find the lesser known, but…… Continue reading Oh, Darling!

In Deep Water

The Big Five may be one of South Africa’s main attractions, but the ocean is filled with some mega-predators of its own to ‘wow’ the crowds. Not least of these is the Great White Shark – the stuff of which old thriller movies are made! While entering the ocean in the presence of these fearsome…… Continue reading In Deep Water

Cape Town Cool

Cape Town: this city is the definition of ‘too cool for school’, a place where you could be climbing a mountain in the morning, lazing on the beach at midday and surrounded by vineyards at a 5-star bistro for dinner. Hastings Hall is located in a truly convenient spot, maximising your every opportunity to explore…… Continue reading Cape Town Cool

Disappear to Dreamy Port Owen

The Western Cape is well-known for many things, but its true hidden gems are generally tucked away in the most unassuming of all corners, offering a slice of seaside heaven far from the madding crowd that can be found in more popular sites of the Cape. Enter the idyllic escape of Port Owen, found in…… Continue reading Disappear to Dreamy Port Owen

Surrounded By Beautiful Beaches And Amazing Views, Cape Gordonia

Situated in the heart of Gordon’s Bay surrounded by beautiful beaches is the wonderful Cape Gordonia. If you are searching for a vacation that offers comfort, relaxation, amazing views of the ocean and stylish accommodation then Cape Gordonia is for you.  Cape Gordonia offers a choice of eight luxury apartments with a patio overlooking the…… Continue reading Surrounded By Beautiful Beaches And Amazing Views, Cape Gordonia

A Summer Road Trip to Gordon’s Bay…..

Aren’t you dying for some sun and holiday fun? I’ve heard that the beaches in Gordon’s Bay are absolutely stunning during the summer. Everyone loves to go on vacation explore new cities and learn about new cultures. Travelling in groups can also be a fun idea.  I’m sure some of you have been dying to…… Continue reading A Summer Road Trip to Gordon’s Bay…..

Port Owen Marina Celebrates Cellu-Beauty’s 12th Birthday

The Port Owen Marina Resort and Express Spa is located on the Cape West Coast which is one of the most popular destinations amongst tourists. Cellu-Beauty is an Italian inspired spa that offers wellness spas in luxurious resorts and hotels throughout South Africa. On Wednesday, the 1st of October 2014 Port Owen Marina celebrated Cellu-Beauty’s…… Continue reading Port Owen Marina Celebrates Cellu-Beauty’s 12th Birthday