St. Lucia – a North Coast Gem

What St. Lucia lacks in size is made up for in natural beauty, charm and warmth. This area of Northern KwaZulu-Natal is somewhat well-known as a tourist destination, and, if you haven’t visited this part of South Africa, you may envisage throngs of tourist groups, over-crowded restaurants and long queues. But the vibe here is…… Continue reading St. Lucia – a North Coast Gem

Wildlife Spotting in St Lucia

Spend your vacation at Perna Perna St Lucia and experience the beauty of the natural surroundings. The Hippo and Croc tour comes highly recommended on the list of things to do in St Lucia. On these tours, you can get up close and personal with the wild creatures while sailing along the St Lucia Estuary.…… Continue reading Wildlife Spotting in St Lucia

Under The St Lucian Sea

Lakeview Cabanas is located in the heart of St Lucia surrounded by a wealth of bird and animal life. If you happen to be out on an early morning run you may bump into some hippopotamus getting up to mischief. Hippopotamus in the streets? Yes, these giants are regular visitors of ours, but let me…… Continue reading Under The St Lucian Sea

The Life Of A St Lucian

St Lucia truly is a miraculous place that is home to a diverse range of creatures. For instance on an early morning walk you are most certain to come across a troop of monkeys or some mongoose scurrying about. It is also home to a variety of birds that you can often hear the distinct…… Continue reading The Life Of A St Lucian