Do the Walk of Life

The Point of Human Origins Tour  South Africa’s Garden Route, which stretches along the country’s coastline from east to west, is packed full of hidden treasures and local delights – appealing to outdoor lovers, history fundis, adrenaline junkies, arts and crafts fans and foodies. In fact, whatever you fancy, the Garden Route and the Western…… Continue reading Do the Walk of Life

In Deep Water

The Big Five may be one of South Africa’s main attractions, but the ocean is filled with some mega-predators of its own to ‘wow’ the crowds. Not least of these is the Great White Shark – the stuff of which old thriller movies are made! While entering the ocean in the presence of these fearsome…… Continue reading In Deep Water

Find Magic in Mossel Bay

With an average of 320 sunny days throughout the year, Mossel Bay has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the second most temperate climate in the world, after a small town in Hawaii. But this claim to fame is not the only reason why you should look forward to your…… Continue reading Find Magic in Mossel Bay

Wanderlust in Mossel Bay, South Africa

Set against an impressive rocky hillside, Perna Perna Mossel Bay is a compact, multi-level resort with spacious apartments overlooking the ocean.  These self- catering units are fully equipped with all the necessary essentials for a seaside holiday. Before we take on a tour around the town and tell you all about the exciting things to…… Continue reading Wanderlust in Mossel Bay, South Africa