Sunshine Holiday Bliss

What is your definition of the perfect break? It is proven that taking a much deserved holiday has the following benefits: Reduces stress which… Gives your heart a break! Helps to rebuild your relationships with both family and friends Gives you the chance to rest your brain and… Work smarter when you return to work…… Continue reading Sunshine Holiday Bliss

Uncovering the Myth

The Hole in the Wall The well-recognised Hole in the Wall, found on the wild coast, is steeped in Xhosa folklore and despite its natural causes, the legendary story of how this phenomenon occurred is still very relevant in Xhosa culture today. The wild coast is known as Xhosa territory, therefore the Hole in the…… Continue reading Uncovering the Myth

Eat Like a King!

It’s no secret that the seafood found along the Wild Coast is some of the freshest and most abundant along the South African coastline. It can therefore be considered a crime if you visit this region of the country and don’t have at least one seafood meal – which is usually fit for a king,…… Continue reading Eat Like a King!

Hole in the Wall Plays Host

From 15 – 25 May the team at Hole in the Wall played host to the contestants and crew of the well-known South African cooking show, Ultimate Braai Master. The very capable team at the resort was comprised of Lynn, Clyde and Marcel who made their best effort to ensure the contestants and crew felt…… Continue reading Hole in the Wall Plays Host

4 Dining Destinations

The Bell Buoy, Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall is situated on a secluded, tropical bay in the heart of the Wild Coast. Besides the magnificent views and sunsets the resort has their very own cosy restaurant named the Bell Buoy.  Don’t miss out on their delicious prawns and lobsters. Hole in the…… Continue reading 4 Dining Destinations