Eat Like a King!

It’s no secret that the seafood found along the Wild Coast is some of the freshest and most abundant along the South African coastline. It can therefore be considered a crime if you visit this region of the country and don’t have at least one seafood meal – which is usually fit for a king,…… Continue reading Eat Like a King!

Take a load off at La Cote D’zur

As the weather begins to warm up with summer just around the corner, our days begin to get longer with the sun rising earlier and setting later, creating the perfect leisurely atmosphere to bask in when on holiday down the sunny south coast. Call in at the positively luxurious La Cote D’zur, located in a…… Continue reading Take a load off at La Cote D’zur

Umhlanga Always Delivers

A seaside sunrise and fresh ocean breeze, this must be heaven on earth.  No, this is Durban, a city that always delivers good weather, friendly locals and among the best variety of outdoor activities in KwaZulu-Natal. Just north of Durban lies Umhlanga and the family-friendly resort of Salamander with its spacious self-catering apartments, onsite pool,…… Continue reading Umhlanga Always Delivers

Cure Your Winter Blues

While winter in South Africa’s sunniest city is not much to groan over, Durban is definitely experiencing a morning and evening chill in the air that calls for a little ‘warming up’. Ever heard the saying: ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’? Well, let First Resorts cure your winter blues with…… Continue reading Cure Your Winter Blues

Discover The Sunny South Coast

Just over an hour outside of Durban, you will find the picturesque seaside town of Margate and Club Hacienda – a great spot for truly soaking up the abundant sunshine of the south coast. Discover this lush, green area of the south coast with family or friends – packed with activities to keep your schedule…… Continue reading Discover The Sunny South Coast

Escape to the city of eternal sunshine!

The Palace Resort and Spa is comprised of 76 high-rise luxury apartments. Wake up to the amazing views of the KZN coastline!  The on-site restaurant, Pesto, offers light meals, creamy cappuccinos and Mediterranean cuisine. There is also a swimming pool, a world-class wellness centre, Cellu-Beauty, which includes a Jacuzzi and sauna to add a touch…… Continue reading Escape to the city of eternal sunshine!

4 Dining Destinations

The Bell Buoy, Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall is situated on a secluded, tropical bay in the heart of the Wild Coast. Besides the magnificent views and sunsets the resort has their very own cosy restaurant named the Bell Buoy.  Don’t miss out on their delicious prawns and lobsters. Hole in the…… Continue reading 4 Dining Destinations

Valentine’s Day Memories At First Resorts

We hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day on Saturday and that you all got spoilt rotten! February is known as the month of love, why? Well, because on the 14 of February we celebrate Valentine’s Day also known as “Saint Valentine’s or “The Feast of Saint Valentine”. On this specific day couples, husbands…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Memories At First Resorts

Unforgettable Sunsets The Bushveld Way, Gethlane Lodge..

January is coming to an end and most of us have probably returned to our jobs. It’s so weird because it feels like the other day you were on holiday. Time flies especially when you are on holiday spending time with your family and friends.  When the office starts to get a bit crazy and…… Continue reading Unforgettable Sunsets The Bushveld Way, Gethlane Lodge..