Over a Decade of Beauty

Cellu-Beauty celebrated their 13th birthday this October. We are immensely pleased to have offered all our guests over a decade of beauty treatments and to continue to add that extra touch of indulgence to their well-deserved holidays with us. We are proud of our journey in making all our guests feel all the more beautiful and…… Continue reading Over a Decade of Beauty

Summer Beauty Renewal

With summer peeking its smile around the corner, don’t forget to get your beauty on at one of our world-class Cellu-Beauty Wellness Spas at an assortment of First Resorts properties across the country on your next getaway with us! Spring is a wonderful time to refresh body and soul, in preparation for that perfect summer…… Continue reading Summer Beauty Renewal

The Great Make-Over at Magalies Park

At Magalies Park we have adopted a renewed focus on ensuring that holiday experience is all the more relaxing and rejuvenating by giving Magalies Park a serious facelift. Our new ‘back to basics’ approach has seen the chalets, the golf course and entertainment areas all undergo a revamp, and for a bit of luxury we…… Continue reading The Great Make-Over at Magalies Park

Disappear to Dreamy Port Owen

The Western Cape is well-known for many things, but its true hidden gems are generally tucked away in the most unassuming of all corners, offering a slice of seaside heaven far from the madding crowd that can be found in more popular sites of the Cape. Enter the idyllic escape of Port Owen, found in…… Continue reading Disappear to Dreamy Port Owen

Get it all at Brockwood Hall

It’s no secret that a little ‘TLC’ goes a long way to re-energise the soul. So what could be more rejuvenating than an escape to the rolling green meadows and fresh country air of the Lake District? The recent facelift at Brockwood Hall has brought the ultimate in countryside luxury to this beautiful region of…… Continue reading Get it all at Brockwood Hall

Lovin’ the Sunny South Coast

Make your way down to the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal and you will find a local treasure – the cosy, welcoming town of Margate, and the resort of Margate Sands, a new home away from home for you and the kids. South Coast folk are great hosts – warm and friendly, and this applies to…… Continue reading Lovin’ the Sunny South Coast

Beat the Winter Blues in KwaZulu-Natal

Escape the on-coming winter chill and take a trip to the KwaZulu-Natal coast and one of South Africa’s warmest, friendliest and most beautiful cities – Durban. All year round, you can count on at least five sunny days out of seven in this balmy city – but if you do happen to get caught in…… Continue reading Beat the Winter Blues in KwaZulu-Natal

Thinking Of Planning A Wedding At La Montagne Or Margate Sands?

Thinking of planning a wedding, but not sure what venue to choose? A couple of our resorts have facilities that are big enough to host weddings and engagement parties. Every bride and groom wants their wedding day to be special, but let’s face it though weddings can sometimes be a bit stressful from designing the…… Continue reading Thinking Of Planning A Wedding At La Montagne Or Margate Sands?