An American In The Berg

  We hope you enjoy our new blog post, written by Angus Macaskill. Angus is an occasional blogger and is originally from America. At the moment he is staying in Durban and is travelling from destination to destination. During his stay he managed to spend a weekend away at Bushman’s Nek with his family. Let’s…… Continue reading An American In The Berg

Bushman’s Nek Berg and Trout Resort Visits The Clouds of Hope Children’s Christian Care Centre

On Saturday, 7th March 2015 the staff of the Bushman’s Nek Berg and Trout resort as well as the Resort Manager Igmar Loock visited the Clouds of Hope Children’s Care Centre. The home is a residential care facility that looks after about 63 children from as young as 10 months up to 18 years old.…… Continue reading Bushman’s Nek Berg and Trout Resort Visits The Clouds of Hope Children’s Christian Care Centre

Berg Getaway, Bushman’s Nek

Surrounded by some of South Africa’s most beautiful landscapes and mountains Bushman’s Nek is the ideal resort for a relaxing berg getaway and outdoor adventure.  Pamper yourself with an outdoor treatment on the deck or read a book in our new little spot at the resort amongst the trees, fresh air and nature. Bushman’s Nek…… Continue reading Berg Getaway, Bushman’s Nek

Valentine’s Day Memories At First Resorts

We hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day on Saturday and that you all got spoilt rotten! February is known as the month of love, why? Well, because on the 14 of February we celebrate Valentine’s Day also known as “Saint Valentine’s or “The Feast of Saint Valentine”. On this specific day couples, husbands…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Memories At First Resorts

The Qwantani Team Is Off On An Adventure!

There are just two months left until six of Qwantani’s staff members will be embarking on their journey through the Drakensberg Grand Traverse. This is a backpacking hike, typically from Witsieshoek through to Bushman’s Nek. However, the team will be attempting for the very first time to hike from Qwantani Berg and Bush Resort to…… Continue reading The Qwantani Team Is Off On An Adventure!

It’s Time to Go Outdoors and Explore!

We spend countless hours on the treadmills at the gym trying to keep our bodies in shape.  In order to keep the gym sessions interesting we sometimes adjust our playlists by adding a few upbeat songs to get us going and in the mood! Some people like to get an early start in the mornings…… Continue reading It’s Time to Go Outdoors and Explore!

Feeling Overloaded Or Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling stressed or perhaps overworked? If your office is beginning to look like the above then it’s time for you to make a quick get away from the hectic days of your daily life. Imagine being able to book into a spa miles away from your worries, turn off all electronic gadgets and…… Continue reading Feeling Overloaded Or Overwhelmed?

Keeping you Warm this Weekend

Beef Casserole with Cheese and potato dumplings If you are heading up to Bushmans Nek or Midlands Saddle and Trout this weekend be sure to pull out those winter woollies that have been pushed to the back of your wardrobe. Mother Nature is defiantly not holding back this weekend. Winter is here but we have…… Continue reading Keeping you Warm this Weekend