Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives and with the virus comes the postponement of many holidays that we were all looking forward to. BUT we must be thankful that measures are being taken to keep us safe – that’s what matters – and don’t worry, your next holiday is just around the corner! Just stay safe! As we all batten down over the next few weeks, this is the perfect time to get your social-distancing ‘stay-cation’ on! Check out our tips for fun, at-home activities to avoid cabin fever over the next few weeks!  


One can only binge-watch movies and series for so many hours. Inevitably, being online will begin to grate. When you hit the digital wall, why not kick it old-school style and break out the board games?  

From Monopoly to Snakes and Ladders; from Connect Four to Battleships, from Scrabble to good old-fashioned Checkers – the list of engaging board and card games is endless. Gather the family, break out the snacks and watch as the competitive juices flow.   

Board games are the perfect, low cost, stay-cation distraction. Roll the dice, deal the cards and prepare for the inevitable internecine warfare!  


Who would’ve thought that in times such as these, Kim Kardashian would be the hero we need?  

Recently, the reality TV star posted a viral video of her and her kids making good use of all those empty cardboard boxes, old sheets and rarely used blankets, to make an indoor fort.  

Grab your kids, find a large, empty space – your living room or the kid’s bedroom should work – and challenge each other to see who can make the fanciest, most elaborate fort. This is the perfect indoor activity to keep your kids engaged. Don’t empty out that old linen cupboard or throw those delivery boxes into the trash – channel your inner child and build-a-fort! Biggest fort wins!  


Although you may be enjoying the family time right now, nothing stops you from planning ahead. Keep your travel aspirations alive and use this time to book tomorrow’s memories today. You would not want to travel abroad just yet so stay safe and keep it local.   

Go online and book that well-deserved break. Escape to wide open roads, beautiful beaches, relaxed countryside accommodations with lots of activities with no mask required to enjoy all of life’s little adventures. 

After this staycation you’re gonna need that vacation! So, lockdown your travel and book online as soon as possible and take advantage of today’s discounted rates before the world is back to its normal self. 


While the virtual world holds its attractions, the temptation, over the next few weeks, will be to deal with impending boredom by spending every waking moment online. In today’s digital world, this is, of course, understandable, however, do not regret wasting this opportunity to spend real, quality time with your family.   

Pass a rule in the house that for a couple of hours a day, all devices, TVs and cellphones must be switched off and replaced by family time. Whether during meals, or before bedtime, create a digital-free timeframe and have actual conversations with those you love. Life can come at us rather quickly, and with work, school and social commitments, we often forget, or just don’t have the time, to keep current with each other’s lives. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your family’s jobs, school and personal lives. We all say to our kids, spouses and parents that we love them – take the next few weeks to tell them just how much!  


Isn’t it funny how we all have at least one thing we’d like to learn? We always seem to tell ourselves that, ‘man, if I had the time, I’d be an awesome guitar player!’. Well, no more excuses! Most of us will be spending the next few weeks cooped up at home, desperate for something positive to do.   

Why not take this opportunity to better yourself? Log on to YouTube, find that guitar or piano tutorial, and rock out!   

Fancy yourself an unfulfilled artist? Break out that easel and find that masterpiece within. Learn to cook, or how to colour your own hair. Download those engine schematics, get your hands greasy and find out for yourself why your car engine keeps making that weird noise. Learn one of the 11 official South African languages and shock people at work with your fluent Xhosa or Afrikaans.  

If you feel like investing this time in yourself, there are plenty of online, career-specific courses and programmes you can enrol for. If you have kids, don’t forget that they are losing precious time from school. Prepare a daily, fun worksheet, to keep them occupied, while ensuring they are ahead of the curve when schools reopen.     

We urge you all to stay safe, be sensible and pay heed to the current travel restrictions. However, while you wait to get back to your normal life, check out our latest, incredible holiday deals – while you’re stuck indoors, why not research your next holiday, book today, and secure your well-deserved holiday for tomorrow? 

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