Public holiday happiness

2020 is well underway and although the festive season seems like a distant memory, those of us that are lucky enough to have Saturdays and Sundays off can still look forward to amazing long weekends. Fortunately, this year, several public holidays are ideally placed to create a bunch of long weekends. Take advantage of this opportunity to plan ahead for your holiday trip with family and friends. For our valued Club members, 2020 is definitely the year to Look Ahead and Book Ahead.

5 Days of Freedom (27 April – 1 May)

For those of us who can’t get away over Easter, consider planning a trip for the Freedom Day weekend. The quieter roads and cooler weather may just be the tonic you need to relax and refresh. Take a drive down the coast, or venture inland to any one of our amazing resorts. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms and ensuring your long weekend is a memorable one. Pleasant weather, beautiful setting and friendly, professional staff – the perfect recipe for a getaway filled with relaxation.

4 Days of Wintery June (13 June – 16 June)

A delightful weekend away will provide that much needed break from work life. Whether you’re looking for pristine hiking trails, 4 days of golf, or a relaxing time with the family, Bush and Berg resorts are the perfect place to visit this winter. Embrace your wanderlust – grab the kids and make the most of this Youth Day’s celebrations.

3 Days of Amazing August (8 August – 10 August)

For a late winter break, taking only one day’s leave gives you a cool 4 days to travel. The bush is always great in August as the foliage and vegetation is short enough for exciting game viewing and the nights aren’t as cold as they could be. Cost times can also be had at our city and seaside retreats.

4 Days of Stunning September (24 September – 27 September)

Keeping the good times going, we’d suggest staying somewhere local for this 4-day long weekend. Try out a nearby destination so your break doesn’t become too hectic. With the weather warming up, why not visit one of our beachfront resorts, sit pool-side or fish one of our well-stocked dams.

5 Days of Delightful December (16 December – 20 December)

The Day of Reconciliation gives us another magical week for fun, sun and adventure. Avoid the pressure to ‘see everyone’ when the December holidays arrive by visiting one of our resorts nearer to your family and friends.

4 Days of Crazy Christmas (24 December – 27 December)

Last, but not least, we have the Christmas holiday 😊 consider taking a few days off and using this longer break to go somewhere you haven’t been before – a great way to spoil yourself and your family as you round off a year that has been awesome thanks to very fortuitous public holidays and some great accommodation too. 🙂

We hope this guide helps you to plan your 2020 holidays. Please travel safely, have an amazing time and don’t forget to share your images of your travels with us on social media.  

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