You deserve to travel – “You Only Live Once” anyway…

We’re certain you’ve seen the slogan before: YOLO – You Only Live Once. It’s part of young people’s ‘seize the moment’ attitude and it’s about embracing opportunities, living without regrets and making the most of life. So, we’ve decided to adapt the YOLO attitude to travel.

You deserve to travel and to make all sorts of magical memories. Now is the perfect time to jump at the great accommodation offers we have so that you can embrace more of the YOLO way of life.
But how exactly does YOLO travel work? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! 😉 A YOLO traveller holidays in a way they haven’t before. That means doing something different, doing things differently or getting out of your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn and love about vacationing, just by trying something or someplace new.


Three perfectly-located properties in the Mother City – Hastings Hall (Tamboerskloof), Mount Sierra (Gardens) and Riviera Suites (Sea Point) – set the scene for a trip filled with truly YOLO activities.

CPT Prop.jpg
(Riviera Suites – Coffee Shop)                                                      (Mount Sierra – 1 Bedroom Apartment)

Kayak with whales or penguins
Travel is about the experience and what could be more magical than getting up close and personal with whales or penguins? Scenic drives to Hermanus (whales) and Simon’s Town (penguins) will earn you a sighting of these beautiful sea creatures.

Go on a Jazz Safari
The city famous for bringing the Cape Town International Jazz Festival to its shores every year now has the amazing Jazz Safari, where you get to visit up to two different jazz musicians at their homes. A typical itinerary during one of these tours includes a VIP dinner and a private concert, followed by a musical nightcap. On a lucky night, you and your tour group might even get to enjoy more smooth sounds at one of Cape Town’s premium jazz venues. Whether you’re in the mood for a serious boogie (the dancers) or a bit of musical therapy (the listeners), you’re in for a treat on this jazzy safari.

Hot-air balloon over the Winelands
hot air.png
If you’re not afraid of heights and panorama selfies are your thing, why not take in the sublime mountain views and aerial vineyard shots from a couple thousand feet above ground level? You can add a little extra magic to the experience by arranging for a picnic or some lovely sundowners to be ready for you and your partner after you land.


(Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel & Spa – Golf Course)

In KZN you’ll have six conveniently located destinations to choose from on the South Coast.

Costa Smeralda, Club Hacienda, La Côte d’Azur, Margate Sands, Palm Park and Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel & Spa offer only the best in holiday accommodation.

Spend a day at Lake Eland Game Reserve
This is a place that really has it all! From tasty meals to game viewing, scooter rides to zipline adventures, days spent in Oribi Gorge are sure to be filled with loads of fun and breath-taking views.

Go see the Port Edward Lighthouselighthouse.png
Lighthouses are big on the Coast, so a must-see is the Port Edward Lighthouse – visible for 40km. Established in 1968 and rebuilt in 1999, the lighthouse has two beams and is a major part of the lighthouse network. Specs include half a million candle watts in power. Make a trip to the lighthouse more YOLO with a viewing of the gorgeous Port Edward sunrise.

Visit the Red Desert
red desert.png
Only 10km from Port Edward lies the world’s smallest desert. It’s a ‘whopping’ 200m in diameter and 11 hectares in its entirety. Venture into this little desert haven and take the foot or mountain biking trail.

It’s never too late to start making what you deserve a priority. And what you deserve is a YOLO ‘vacay’ where you can create lasting memories.
While you’re embracing YOLO, why not check out Vaczone’s 2-4-1 dining experiences? Members get to choose from 1000 restaurants around the country, where they can save up to 50% on meals.

Book now and break the same old routine. After all, You Only Live Once. 😉

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