Go Big On Budget

Hello, happy travellers. It’s time to talk travel again (and it should never end)! This post is all about getting more for less – doesn’t that sound great? Well, here it goes…

How can we all enjoy great holidays that won’t break the bank?

1Play your cards right 😉
First of all, if you want to get the most out of your budget you need to travel smart! Don’t plan a trip somewhere that’s super expensive when you’re on a tight budget because the two simply don’t go together (as much as we wish they did!). More affordable places like South Africa’s Wild Coast, Mozambique, Poland and Ecuador are where you can find some of the best deals worldwide.

After all, going to a “value-for-money” destination doesn’t mean you won’t have an amazing holiday! Would you rather eat fresh prawns for a whole afternoon in Mozambique or buy an apple or sandwich in a super expensive city for the same price?!

2All-inclusive packages can also be great value so keep an eye out for the latest deals! Another way to get even more for less is to travel out of season. Some of the best weather falls outside of the holidays (yes really!) so you won’t be missing out, PLUS, there’s usually less traffic and tourists, which means better deals when you get there and it’s easier to book for attractions and meals out!

Budgeting up a storm
Don’t sigh! We’re not talking about budgeting for boring things like servicing your car! This is money you’ll love spending – all we’re suggesting is planning around your holidays a little. Think about how many holidays you want to go on over the next year… Do you want one long trip or a few shorter ones? Once you’ve decided, then you can work out a budget for each trip to help you decide where to go and where your bucks will go furthest so you don’t miss out on anything special 😊.

Save it for when you’re there
4 wt
Something a LOT of travellers get wrong is wasting money on transport ☹. You can save by going to places with cheaper flights, by flying indirectly, buying a travel card for once you are there or even packing your walking shoes to skip paying for transport once you’ve arrived. Doing these things could save you thousands before your holiday even starts, giving you more to spend when you’re there 😊.  “I’ll have the seafood pla­tter thank you” 😉.

Delicious discounts
Another great way to travel for less is to go to places where you’ll get amazing discounts. They could be for things like being retired, being a local citizen or a citizen of a neighbouring country, because it’s out of season, etc. These discounts can be as big as 50% which makes a huge difference, so don’t miss out on this super easy way to save BIG! Also, shop around for specials once you’re on holiday… cheaper excursions or going to happy hour can’t hurt and working your magic to pay what locals pay is the name of the game 😉!

Cash Only
6 wt.png
Stick to a cash-only system – you will be doing yourself a favour! Spending money on your debit or credit card may be a bit easier, but does tend to make you overspend. Keeping cash on you can really help you stick to your budget. Only take the cash you need with you when you go out and make sure that is all you spend – allocate yourself a specific amount for each day and keep that cash on you. You never know – you may even end up saving some money!

So where are you travelling to next? Let us know on social media and we’d love to hear if you will be using any of these tips!

Happy travels everyone. Hopefully travelling for less lets you go on even more or even longer holidays than before!

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