Hi Happy Travellers,

As you know, travelling is a journey… Not to find yourself, but to remember who you’ve been all along.

Travelling’s about taking the scenic route, it’s about the adventures of getting to your destination and it’s also about just being yourself once you’re there. Travel is about the amazing things that you can do once you arrive at your accommodation too, like days spent on beautiful beaches nearby, or hikes through cool forests that you’ve never seen before, having picnics at wonderful new places, seeing the sights that you’ve always wanted to, all because you decided to leave home to feel (and be) more yourself than ever before!

To help you on this fun journey, we’ve put together a list of 5 weird but wonderful things to pack so you don’t have that experience… “Just wish I had just packed X, Y and Z for this trip. They would have made things so much better – why didn’t I” which could really dampen your holiday.

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Of course, part of going on holiday is about getting away from your normal routine which also means you can’t have all your favourite things with you. But “making a plan” to use what you have is fun, it’s what travelling’s all about – to make the most of everything you have with you at the amazing places you travel to. That’s part of the magic of going on holiday, it makes us appreciate the little (but very special) things that we do have so much more.

So, here’s 5 strange or unusual things worth packing that could come in handy for your drive or flight, at your accommodation or on daily outings from there 😊 We’ve made sure these things are small so you can still travel light (we would never want to take that away from you 😉). Hopefully, some of these items will save the day, even if it’s in an unexpected make-a-plan kind of way!

Some of us use these every night to get to sleep more easily but for the rest of us…
Earplugs are a great thing to take with on your holidays! You can use them while travelling (to sleep, if someone is snoring loudly on your plane, if it’s too noisy or even if you don’t like the music that someone else is playing in the car 😉. They can also help if there’s a noisy lawnmower nearby, while you’re trying to read! They’re also great to stop water from going in your ears when swimming, whether it’s at the pool, in a river you’ve hiked to or in the waves.

Maybe you always take an adaptor with you on holiday but most people don’t! This isn’t just for at your accommodation – do you know there are car chargers that can charge 2 or more phones or other devices at once?! So, you don’t need to swap one charger between different phones, your GPS or even your camera while driving because, with the right adaptors, you can charge them all at once! 😊 After all, you can never have enough plug points – especially on holiday!

This tip is for people who don’t have allergies and don’t normally travel with antihistamine! When you travel, you come across new plants and animals which could make you feel stuffy or have an allergic reaction, even if it’s never happened before. Another time that antihistamine can literally be a lifesaver, is when eating seafood. Some fish, when they grow older, start to build up histamine, and it’s common for people (who aren’t normally allergic to seafood) to have a strong allergic reaction to just that piece of fish! P.S. Google it if you don’t believe us 😉!

Bin bags or a laundry bag
Again, maybe you do travel with these, but not everyone does! They’re great for collecting things like seashells or pinecones which you can use to decorate your home with when you get back. Bin bags are also great if it rains as a lightweight poncho – especially for camping, picnicking or if you’re at an outdoor concert. You can also use bin bags or a laundry bag to keep your dirty and clean clothes apart which helps on holiday and when you get home too!

Clothes Pegs
In true make-a-plan fashion, these aren’t just for doing your laundry! Clothes pegs come in handy for loads of things like closing packets or bags, hanging up a cloth or towel to block light or stop the wind, hanging up art that a kiddie has just drawn on holiday (to make your accommodation feel even more like home), to use as a bookmark and we could go on and on…

Well, we hope these ideas help you to have even more comfortable and enjoyable travels in future! We wish you happy packing and even happier times on your next holiday! Let us know where you went, what handy things you travelled with and how that worked out on our social media pages, we’d love to hear…

Don’t forget, it’s all about the journey. Bye ‘til next time.

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