Make travel matter for your kids

Take a look on Facebook and you’ll see countless posts by parents complaining that they need another holiday after a holiday with their kids. While traveling with children – especially young children – is no walk in the park, there’s no doubt that travel can be an incredibly enriching experience for the whole family if you get it right.
Explore the country and the world
Traveling with children allows you to expose your kids to a whole lot of diversity. A country like ours is rich in natural and historical heritage and a South African holiday that introduces children to this is beyond compare. An international holiday can broaden your children’s horizons even further – and with the world becoming ‘smaller’ and overseas holidays becoming more affordable, it’s definitely possible.
Say goodbye to the iPad
While no one is refuting the enormous benefit of technology at our fingertips, a well planned child friendly holiday is the perfect opportunity to take a break from technology – and make your kids do the same. Experiencing reality without the filter of smartphones and tablets is a good idea for everyone – adults and kids alike.
Bring your family closer together
With parents working and living in a frantically busy world, the family unit can suffer. Not irreparably, and often not even noticeably. However, a family holiday where parents choose to involve and spend time with their kids (without a cell phone constantly in one hand) is something that truly makes children feel valued and can bring the family closer together.
How not to go insane when traveling with children
Children are notorious for becoming bored easily, so keep this in mind even at the beginning stages of planning your holiday. You may want to enrich their minds by traveling to places of geographical and historical interest (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but a true child friendly holiday will include a balance of learning and fun.
Choose child friendly destinations
Choosing child friendly resorts and destinations that have lots of activities for children of all ages is a way to ensure that the kids are able to really enjoy themselves and meet loads of other children – plus it keeps them out of your hair for a bit so that you too can enjoy a proper break.

Involve children in the planning
Before you make an autocratic decision about your holiday destination, speak to your kids. It will make them feel included, and you will also get a good idea of what kind of holiday they might enjoy, that can be turned into an enriching experience. (For example, a trip to the moon may be out, but a destination that has a well known planetarium could be a fantastic substitute.)
Plan for a long trip
If your holiday involves a lot of travel – long flights, long car trips etc – then plan ahead. Traveling with children can be a nightmare if they become bored due to inactivity. Take along plenty of activities that can be enjoyed quietly in the car or on the plane. If you’re traveling by car, stop often to let the kids run around a bit and stretch your legs. And remember – no matter how fractious the kids get, a family holiday is always, always worth it!
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