Fishing at Hole in the Wall

Coffee Bay and Hole in the wall, offer a great spot for shore angling, which also makes it a popular spot for daring fisherman to try their luck with the famed catch of Kob by night.

While the coastline at Hole in the Wall is very rocky, and most of the great fishing spots require a bit of a walk, it is all worth the wait.


The first popular fishing spot near hole in the wall is referred to as Ferdy’s Gully. Anglers will need to climb down cliffs to get to ferdy’s Gully but the climb is generally rewarding. This spot is great for Bronze Bream and Galjoen, which can be caught on fairly light tackle.

Black Rock is approximately 1.5km south of Ferdy’s Gully. There is also quiet a steep climb down to this spot, which is a deep water point renowned for its Garrick and large sharks.

The rocks on the North side of the main bathing beach are cut off at high tide, but there are several gullies near the hole. Good catches of pan fish are caught here, but anything larger tends to swim out to sea and is lost in the rocks.


The spot known as The Queen at the northern end of the headland protecting the bay is a great deep water spot. The rocks in this area are tricky to navigate, but there are a few fishable spots. This is a great spot to catch blacktail and garrick, as well as a number of large sharks. Exercise caution here as the sea can get quite rough and fishing can become dangerous.

There is usually a current in the channels that tends to pull traces into the rocks where they are snagged, but the loss of some tackle is generally worthwhile.

The water to the South of the Hole is shallow and unproductive, however South of this, Big Shelly Beach is a good Kob spot that also produces grunter and Garrick.



Be sure footed! This region can be quite hazardous if the sea is rough!
Make sure you carry gum boots for the rocks and long gaffs just in case you catch a big one.

Images supplied by guests.

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