Sea life of Sodwana Bay

One of the most exciting activities during your stay at Sodwana Bay Lodge is a deep sea fishing charter and the resort is well-known for being a fisherman’s paradise. There is a huge variety of fish to encounter while out at sea:

Blue Marlin:


Blue marlin are powerful, aggressive fighters that run hard and long, leaping high into the air in a display of strength.  Fishing methods for blue marlin include trolling large whole bait such as mackerel, mullet and squid as well as various types of lures and strip baits.

Black Marlin:

Black Marlin.jpg

A highly rated game fish, the black marlin  has the power, size, and persistence of which anglers dream.  fishing methods for the black marlin are similar to that of the blue marlin, but you can also try live bait.  According to speculation, you are more likely to catch a black marlin on a rod and reel than a blue marlin.



Sailfish generally travel alone or in small groups and are found in subtropical waters, feeding mostly in mid-water along the edges of reefs.  The sailfish is an angler’s delight due to its fighting ability and spectacular aerial acrobatics.  It does tend to tire out quickly though, so it is considered a light tackle species.  Fishing methods include strip baits, lures, feathers or spoons as well as live bait.

Yellowfin Tuna:

Yellow Tuna.jpg

This fish is highly esteemed as both a sport fish and as table fare.  Fishing methods include trolling with small fish, squid or chumming with live bait.

King Mackerel:

King Mackarel.jpg

This is an important species both in sport fishing and commercially.  Fishing methods used to catch the king mackerel are trolling or drifting – either deep or on the surface using strip baits.  Lures or small whole baits, casting and live bait fishing are other popular methods.  Chumming works well to attract and hold these fish.

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