Qwantani team to the rescue!

A huge thanks and congratulations goes out to the Qwantani team, specifically Shawn, Jann, Dianne, Isaac and his co-workers for saving the day when a turn of misfortune struck at Qwantani recently.

Apart from the happy and restful breaks Rick King and his family have enjoyed at Qwantani, the resort has now taken on an even more very sentimental value to Rick.

Last week, while enjoying a mid-week break at Qwantani, Rick, his dog (a German Shepard) and two other guests found themselves in a spot of deep water when their boat capsized while cruising the Sterkfontein Dam at dusk, 5km away from the nearest shore.

As fortune would have it, Mr Dunn, a fellow guest holidaying at Qwantani, realised that Rick and his company had not yet returned to shore after noticing their boat missing from the dock. He alerted Resort Manager, Shawn McTaggert, who then attempted to contact Rick via his cellphone, to no avail.


Shortly after this, Shawn and Jann, Qwantani’s Entertainment Manager, ventured out to retrieve the missing trio. After searching across the Sterkfontein in pitch darkness for more than an hour, with terrible weather conditions to boot, Rick and his company were found and escorted safely back to shore!

“After getting us safely back to shore, they [Shawn and Jann] came to our unit to make plans for the retrieval of my boat the following morning. We manged to tow the capsized boat back to harbour in a massive downpour with Jann skippering the barge. This was done in dreadful conditions and Jann just smiled through it all,” said Rick King.


Resort Manager Shawn attributes the day’s inclement weather to the accident:

It was a combination of different factors. It was windy on the day, there was some wave action and the boat got swamped from the back. Two of the guests were not experienced boaters so they panicked and moved to one side of boat, only worsening the problem, with the boat capsizing due to this.’ he said.

Rick King has expressed his eternal thanks to the superb staff at Qwantani for their quick reaction time and selfless bravery. He has been amazed at how everybody went above their call of duty, including Isaac and his co-workers for their assistance and concern as well as Diane, Resort Deputy Manager, for her ongoing support throughout the ordeal.


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