Enjoy The Garden Route Through his Lens

First Group recently had the opportunity to work with local landscape, travel and adventure photographer, Mark ‘Scrumpy’ Jackson, whose images showcase the natural beauty of the South African landscape and culture in a completely unfussy, natural manner – truly delivering the essence of the moment it was captured.

With 44-thousand Instagram followers and counting, Mark’s photography allows each landscape or portrait to speak completely for itself, reminding us that beauty surrounds us on a daily basis, all you need to do is look at it from the right perspective.

Mark recently visited 3 of our properties on the Garden Route, to capture some spectacular images of each property – highlighting both the natural beauty of their surrounds and the resort facilities.






Get to know the man behind the lens:


FR: What sets you apart from all the other travel & adventure photographers on Instagram?

It’s very important for me to be creative. Sometimes there’s a huge temptation to emulate a certain style or subject matter that happens to be popular. On the other hand it’s great to be part of a community that’s busy innovating and influencing our world as a whole. I don’t know what makes me unique, I just know that I’m happiest when I’m taking photos that I find interesting.

FR: What are your favourite editing apps?  

MJ: Snapseed and Instagram. Sometimes VSCOCam

FR: You obviously have a great following on Instagram and have a lot of influence, what’s your strategy for the platform?

MJ: I try to post great content and engage authentically with my audience.

 FR: From your experience what sort of content do people respond more to on Instagram?

MJ: For my audience it’s landscapes with a sense of scale and sunsets.

FR: Take us back to the time you created your Instagram account; what were you hoping to gain from the platform?

I didn’t have any plans. The app reminded me of the photos my parents took of me as a child. I started enjoying the feedback, made friends and fell in love with the community. It all happened by accident.

FR: You have over 44K followers did this growth happen overnight/quickly or is there a secret to your growth?

MJ: It took lots of hard work and didn’t happen overnight. I travel somewhere almost every day to take photos for Instagram and spend lots of time engaging on the platform. Most of my followers came from the two times that Instagram included me as a suggested user.

Check out Mark’s favourite pics:


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