Dullstroom, did you know?

Dullstroom can be found in the splendid province of Mpumalanga, and is situated halfway between the boom of Johannesburg and the call of the bushveld at Kruger National Park. Dullstroom is a charming town that will surprise you with its many little-known facts, and offers an insight into what it’s really like to live a truly peaceful life!

www.gocountrydullstroom.co.zaImage: www.gocountrydullstroom.co.za

It is significant to note that Dullstroom is the country’s top trout fishing area with fishermen coming from all over South Africa to sample the abundance of the waters.

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Fauna and Flora:
This small South African village is the only known place in which beech and elm trees grow together in such abundance. Neither of these trees are indigenous to the country, but both make for lovely forests scattered throughout Dullstroom, adding to the overall serenity.

Time and Time Again
The clock shop in the heart of Dullstroom is a specialised store that is not only a fascinating treasure trove to explore, but is also home to the largest collection of clocks in the Southern Hemisphere.

The verdant natural surroundings throughout Dullstroom accommodate an extraordinary array of bird species, being the proud home of the endangered Blue Crane and Crowned Crane, as well as the critically endangered Wattled Crane.

How about a whiskey, old chap?
Wild About Whisky is a small whisky bar in the heart of Dullstroom, home to the largest collection of whiskeys in all of the Southern Hemisphere. In fact, there are over 1 000 whiskies here; originating from America, Ireland and Scotland.

www.stonecutters.co.zaImage: www.stonecutters.co.za

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