Sunshine Holiday Bliss

What is your definition of the perfect break?

It is proven that taking a much deserved holiday has the following benefits:

  1. Reduces stress which…
  2. Gives your heart a break!
  3. Helps to rebuild your relationships with both family and friends
  4. Gives you the chance to rest your brain and…
  5. Work smarter when you return to work

So, let’s go to the beach!

At First Resorts we offer a chance to escape to the seaside and revel in the sunshine in Durban, along the Elephant Coast and KZN’s tropical south coast. Be mesmerised by the beauty of a Western Cape summer sunset found along the West Coast and in the Mother City, Cape Town or find yourself in a tropical paradise with nothing around for miles along the Wild Coast. In any one of these regions you will find a sublime beach spot for the year-end recharge you need and some sunshine holiday bliss!

Be tickled by a stay at any one of these ocean side resorts:


The Palace Resort and Spa – Durban’s Golden Mile

Sodwana Bay Lodge – KZN North Coast

Margate Sands – KZN South Coast

Margate sands 2

Margate Sands, KZN South Coast

Eastern Cape

Hole in the Wall

Kowie River Chalets

Bella Vista


Hole in the Wall, Wild Coast

Cape Town

Cape Gordonia

Riviera Suites

Mount Sierra

West Coast

Port Owen Marina

2015 09_Riviera Suits_10

Riviera Suites, Sea Point, Cape Town


Port Owen Marina, West Coast 

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