Running with the Giants

The Giant’s Cup Trail Run

This prestigious and challenging feat of fitness takes place in the Southern Drakensberg each year, and is a two-day race that is run through the Maloti Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site. The race itself covers a total distance of 65km of trail terrain, which tracks along the popular Giant’s Cup hiking route, and typically takes five days to complete at a hiking pace. Day one of this exciting and stunningly scenic challenge kicks off from Sani Pass Hotel, finishing off at Castleburn Farm on Drakensberg Garden Road. Day two sees participants depart from Castleburn, covering a distance of 32km to finish at Bushman’s Nek Resort and Spa.


This year, a courageous group from the Bushman’s Nek team took up the challenge and competed in the Giant’s Cup Team Relay, a one-day race which is a 65km event where runners traverse the entire Giant’s Cup course separated into four legs, each completed by Khayelihle Sosibo (13km), Steven Mnguni (19km), Mandla Madlala (14km) and Albert Mndaweni (16km), respectively. Bushman’s Nek was proud to accommodate all the brave runners that took part in the Giant’s Cup Trail Run, hosting the awards dinner and after-party festivities!



A special well done goes out to our Bushman’s Nek competitors on their epic achievement, finishing third overall! Thank-you for representing us all at First Resorts in such an inspirational way!


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