Fun, Fast Facts!

The African Elephant

  • Elephants can hear one another’s trumpet calls up to 8 kilometres away
  • The largest elephant ever recorded weighed approximately 10, 886 kilograms
  • Elephants can suffer from sunburn, so they protect their skin with sand
  • Elephants, above any animal in the animal kingdom, have the best sense of smell
  • An elephant trunk is sensitive enough to pick up a blade of grass and strong enough to rip the branches off a tree
  • An adult elephant requires roughly 300 kilograms of food and 160 litres of water a day
  • An elephant pair of tusks can weigh up to 200 kilograms
  • The gestation period of an elephant is up to two years
  • Elephants are scared of bees
  • Elephants only sleep for two – three hours a day

shutterstock_182835713 (1)

A day trip to Addo Elephant Park is the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of the African Elephant, happy in their natural habitat. The park is also verdant with mile after mile of citrus trees, imparting the air with a heady aroma, bearing their fruit all winter, while their spring time blossoms are a truly beautiful spectacle.

Addo Elephant Park is situated 72 kilometres inland from Port Elizabeth, established in 1931, and is now home to over 350 African Elephant. The park also offers opportunity to spot a number of other Big Five family members, such as the Cape buffalo and black rhino, as well as a range of antelope species and the flightless dung beetle.


The park is the third largest in South Africa, and offers a wide range of game viewing and outdoor activities, including horse-back and horse-riding, guided walking, hiking and 4×4 trails as well as a picnic area for day visitors.

Visit Addo Elephant Park for a quintessential African bush experience!

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