Majestic Mpumalanga

The Sabie Waterfalls Route encompasses seven of the best South African waterfalls. Take some time out to admire these amazing natural sights on your next visit to majestic Mpumalanga!

The Horseshoe Falls, as its name suggests, creates a picturesque horseshoe shape as it tumbles down the mountainside, well worth the walk along a scenic trail to get the best view. Keep your eyes peeled for the abundant birdlife along the way to this national monument. Afterwards you can tuck into a picnic on the scenic grounds, take a swim in the refreshing pools or try your hand at trout fishing.


Next up is Lone Creek Falls, just a short drive along, which plummets for 70 metres into a lush fern-filled forest. A short walk along a forest path will take you to the foot of this pretty waterfall, or you can take the track to the top for a more private experience. There are a few secluded picnic spots dotted around the premises for a romantic lunch.

Just down the road, a challenging 750 metre walk through a gorgeous indigenous forest filled with wild flowers, takes you to the foot of Bridal Veil Falls, which seems to float down the sheer cliff face for 70 metres into a deep pool.

Further north on the R532, you will come across the beautiful Mac Mac Falls, named after the Scottish miners who once panned the waters in this area for gold. The top of the falls is accessed via a steep concrete path (not suitable for wheelchairs) and there are a number of curio stalls to browse amongst after your viewing this beautiful natural wonder.

Lisbon Falls was once the domain of the Portuguese fortune seekers during the 1870’s gold rush, hence the name, and is the highest waterfall in the Mpumalanga province. The picnic grounds beneath offer shady trees filled with birdlife, and are a lovely vantage point from which to relax and enjoy the sight of these dramatic falls plunging from 90 metres above.lisbon_falls_teCredit:

Lastly, the Berlin Falls, which resemble a massive white candle, fall for 80 metres down a sheer cliff after flowing through a natural sluice. This is another wonderful place to enjoy a packed lunch in a pleasant and peaceful picnic spot.

All or any of these waterfalls form a lovely break from exploring all the other sites along the way, and form a worthwhile addition to a daytrip along the Panorama Route, while staying at Waterberry Hill, just 45 minutes away.

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