Go Wild on the South Coast

The sandstone cliffs of one of South Africa’s most spectacular gorges are believed to date back some 365 million years. With this much history, this region of the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal offers up truly spectacular views and plenty of adventure activities to go with it.


Image Credit: http://www.tripadvisor.co.za

The dramatic scenery of Oribi Gorge, found just inland from Port Shepstone, has been drawing tourists and locals to the area for decades, and as such, the gorge now offers a range of heart racing adventure activities, such as the world’s highest gorge swings, zipline, world-class abseiling and mountain biking trails and white water rafting tours.

There are a recorded 250 bird species, small mammals such as bushbuck, reedbuck, blue duiker and grey duiker that all live and thrive throughout the gorge – while leopards are spotted on rare occasions. Access to the gorge is by means of self-guided trails or a daring amble along the cliff edge.

Thrill seekers, eat your heart out. When it comes to abseiling in South Africa, Oribi Gorge offers the ultimate rush with a 110 metre descent down into the gorge, beside the Lehrs Falls. The abseil is just one of the Wild Five adventures offered at Oribi Gorge, others include the Wild Swing, one of the most popular big swings in South Africa and the highest in the world. It entails a heart-stopping leap off the top of the Lehrs Falls, swinging more than 100 metres to the gorge below.

scbucket wild swing

Image Credit: http://www.southcoastlive.co.za

If you are looking for something slightly (only slightly) less hair-raising, try out the Wild Slide which involves sliding 160 metres above the valley along a 120-metre-long steel cable across the front of the falls. This provides the perfect opportunity to take in the awe-inspiring beauty of Oribi Gorge.

_MG_8033-LPhoto Credit: http://www.positiveworldtravel.com

With grade three to five rapids, the Umzimkulu River provides great white water rafting conditions. Half-day, full-day and two-day packages are available, with two-man inflatable rafts being used when water levels are lower than during the summer rainfall season.

In short, Oribi Gorge is a nature-lover, thrill seeker and photographer’s ultimate playground!

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