Midlands Foodie Finds

Whether you are staying in the Midlands or nearby Underberg area, or just feel like getting out of town for the day for a meander through the green valleys and along the country roads of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, make sure to pop into any one of these terrific and highly recommended foodie finds along your way…

  1. Hartford House

Serving a spectacular 5-course tasting menu in one of the most elegant settings along the Midlands Meander, a dinner at Hartford House is a real treat. Enjoy your meal on the candlelit veranda overlooking the immaculate gardens of the estate. Hartford House is the ideal spot for a special occasion or for spoiling a loved one, serving sublime, gourmet dishes.

  1. Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly has grown in leaps and bounds since its opening, and has become somewhat of an institution along the Midlands Meander, where a visit is mandatory when passing through these parts. The plot of land has grown to offer an onsite farm stall / bistro, winery, plenty of hand-craft shops, a winery and even a train for stacks of entertainment for the kids!

  1. Kish Mish

Kish Mish is a destination for those with an adventurous palette, and anyone interested in Middle Eastern cooking. Here you will find Persian braai seasoning, saffron-infused oil, Egyptian dukkah spice and Arabian fish seasoning as well as divine homemade cordials, jams and pickles. Have a spice tasting or watch a cooking demonstration (R20 – phone ahead to find out when the next one is) given by owners Amal and Sharon Ma’ani-Hessari.

  1. Chocolate Dippingz

For those with a sweet tooth and a natural curiosity, a visit to Chocolate Dippingz should be an obvious stop when touring the meander. This is a real haven for people who love the cocoa stuff. The owners import Belgian chocolate and hand make chocolates with their own unique fillings such as curry, biltong, chilli, passion fruit and chai spices. Make your own daring concoctions by selecting anything from fudge to Turkish delight to gherkins to coat in their delicious chocolate!



  1. Rawdons Hotel and the Boar’s Head Pub

Beer lovers and beer snobs alike will thoroughly appreciate a visit to Nottingham Road and the Rawdons Hotel for a sample of some of their homemade brew, served at the Boar’s Head pub. If it’s not on your to-do list, a visit to this perfectly quintessential English style pub, complete with English style pub fare, it definitely should be! Sample homemade brew such as the Tiddly Toad Light Lager, for light beer fans or the Pickled Pig Porter for stouter beer drinkers.

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