Explore The Great Outdoors

The North-West province of South Africa is one of astounding beauty – packed with plenty of outdoor activities to discover. The Magaliesberg range is the second oldest mountain range in the world, and as such, many of the outdoor activities in the North-West province have become centred on exploring this stunning region of the country.

Along with this, Hartbeesport Dam, also locally known as ‘Harties’,   is an excellent source of entertainment when holidaying in this part of the country. Harties is found along the path of the Crocodile River, where plenty of exhilarating outings are also offered.


Our top five outdoor excursions in this region include:

  • White water rafting the Crocodile River
    Outside Adventures specialises in safe and affordable outdoor adventure activities. Explore the Crocodile River with them in a two-person high-tech ARK (African River Kraft) raft, enjoying Grade 1 and 2 rapids and breathtaking views of the rock formations towering above.
  • A scenic trip up the cableway at Hartbeesport Dam

The Aerical Cableway at Hartbeespoort Dam offers panoramic views of the Magaliesberg, Hartbeespoort Dam and surrounding areas, as well as excellent recreational facilities for the entire family.


  • Lesedi Cultural Village
    Situated within the Cradle of Humankind, the Lesedi Cultural Village experience offers the opportunity to get to know and understand living African culture. In an informative and entertaining way, Lesedi provides the visitor with a better understanding of the rich cultural background of the traditional peoples of South Africa.
  • Magaliesberg canopy tour
    The Magaliesberg Canopy Tour, set in the centre of the Magaliesberg range, is a unique eco-adventure that takes you on a journey through the ecology and geology of the second oldest mountain range in the world – estimated to be 2,400 million years old.
  • Walk with elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary
    The Elephant Sanctuary, found at Hartbeespoort Dam, takes visitors on a journey into the world of the African elephant and guides you through an unforgettable experience with these magnificent creatures. Visitors are able to touch, feed and get to know these animals on each tour.

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