Uncovering the Myth

The Hole in the Wall

The well-recognised Hole in the Wall, found on the wild coast, is steeped in Xhosa folklore and despite its natural causes, the legendary story of how this phenomenon occurred is still very relevant in Xhosa culture today.

The wild coast is known as Xhosa territory, therefore the Hole in the Wall is locally known as “iziKhaleni”, which means “place of thunder” after the thunderous clap of the waves heard sometimes during high tide. According to their folklore, the Hole in the Wall is the gateway to their ancestors.

Naturally, the Hole in the Wall has been caused by the incessant rush of the tide as well as the flow of the Mpako River that has carved out the hole over millennia. But the Xhosa believe something else entirely…Hole-In-The-Wall-Landscape-Hole-3-Lupi-2008Legend has it that a young Xhosa maiden fell in love with one of the mythical ‘sea people’ who rammed a hole through the wall of a once secluded lagoon, with the help of a giant fish in order to reach her and claim her as his bride. The young maiden was never heard from or seen again. The Xhosa people believe that the voices and singing of the ‘sea people’ can be heard above the thunderous waves – giving the Hole in the Wall its Xhosa name – “iziKhaleni”.

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