Tear it up in Port Alfred!

If you are looking for a spot of action, a little thrill or a heart pounding adrenaline rush, the Eastern Cape and Port Alfred is the ultimate spot for sand boarding – also known as dune boarding – with plenty of natural coastal dunes, some as high as 140 metres, to quench your thrill-seeking desires.

The sand dunes backing Port Alfred’s beaches, particularly East Beach, and further along the Sunshine Coast are exceptional, but not so steep that they can’t be enjoyed by the whole family.

Port Alfred is one of the best places to learn this sport – with dunes that range from a family-fun level to extreme on some of the steeper and higher dunes.


On these tours you are guided by professionals and instructed on how to tackle each dune in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Outdoor Focus in Port Alfred is the recommended adventure excursion company to turn to for all sand boarding adventures and plenty of other activities such as power-kiting, horse riding, quad trails and even sky diving, if you are brave enough!

Sand boarding tours on offer range from two, four and six hour expeditions to the dunes at East Beach.

Don’t forget your sunblock and swimming costume so you can dive into the ocean afterwards to get the sand out of your hair and teeth! This is one of the few adrenalin activities suitable for the whole family.

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