Jozini the Great

The next time you are on holiday up the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, add a day trip to Jozini Dam to your list of things to do!

The North Coast is well-known as a diving and snorkelling hot spot, but lesser known, equally as breathtaking activities in this region include wildlife and game spotting as well as plenty of fishing, with some of the best fishing excursions hosted on Jozini Dam. Also commonly compared to Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, Jozini Dam is fast becoming the mecca of many wild game seekers. Hennie RautenbachPhoto credit: Hennie Rautenbach:

This huge dam, on the Pongola River, provides a rather dramatic doorway into Maputaland, and the river supports a massive population of fish, hippos and crocodiles as well as the people who live in the area. Lake Jozini, as it is also called, is also well-known as an excellent spot for Tiger fishing and has become hugely popular with avid fisherman looking to hook themselves one of these rather elusive fish.


Jozini Dam borders the Pongola Nature and Game Reserve, and as such, you are able to catch many a glimpse of the local wildlife in the area – including elephant, giraffe, zebra, kudu, bushbuck, duiker, serval cat and, if you’re lucky enough, leopard which roam the Lebombo Mountains. As the sun begins to settle down at dusk, keep a lookout for the pretty glimmer of glow-flies that light up the shoreline in an iridescent shimmer of fairy lights.

The dam’s muddy plains and reed banks are home to a vast array of birdlife, over 350 different species which include: the whistling duck, yellow billed storks, Egyptian geese, herons, kingfishers and several fish eagles.

The drive from Sodwana Bay at the coast takes approximately 2 hours, and is worth the trip inland to experience a day of perfect serenity floating across Jozini Dam.

For fishing charters, visit this link for more details:

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