South Coast Treasures

Stephward Estate  

Going on holiday is all about new experiences and the excitement of discovering hidden gems along the way…

Situated just 1.5kms inland from the beach at Uvongo, Stephward Estate is a lush oasis of tropical gardens, fine dining and superb hospitality.


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The estate comprises four acres of beautifully manicured gardens and is a haven of tranquillity tucked away from the holiday crowds. Here you can enjoy a tea garden, nursery, restaurant and a browse amongst the quirky clothing designs on offer.

Enjoy a peaceful stroll through the nursery with the owner, Howard, who is always delighted to show off his immaculate collection of plants, including a large variety of beautifully intricate orchids.


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After a meander through the peaceful gardens, dine at the country-style restaurant, or alongside the pool. Scrumptious light meals and snacks are up for grabs between 9am and 4pm and the bar is open from 9am until late. Reservations for dinner are essential and may be booked from 7pm onwards. The restaurant also serves glorious breakfasts and a la carte lunches.

Must-try meals include: eisbein, pickled fish, and Stephens’s designer oxtail – guaranteed to satisfy all tastes.

Additionally, Stephward Estate is a popular venue for weddings, christenings, kitchen teas and promotional events, while the conference venue can accommodate up to 80 people.

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