At the Captain’s Table

The annual Vodacom Durban July is a major draw card for horse racing, fashion and general fun-loving fans from across the country.


Having taken place on 4th July this year, the event’s theme: ‘The Captain’s Table’ drew inspiration from Durban’s seaside location. And as usual, the city’s steady winter weather did not disappoint, aside from a slight chill in the air as the sun began to set.


The Vodacom Durban July has become well-known as Africa’s greatest horse racing event, with a total of R3 million nabbed by this year’s esteemed winner.

With just over 56,000 visitors this year, the event has shed its somewhat ‘elitist’ reputation over the years, welcoming all walks of life to play dress up for a day, place a few bets and enjoy the racing spectacle.


Fun Facts:

  1. The first race took place in 1897 and was called the Durban Winter Handicap, measuring just over one mile. The winner took home a whopping 500 Sovereigns!
  1. The race distance today measures 2200 metres – how times have changed.
  1. Dead heats (tied winners): there have only ever been two Dead Heats in the history of the race: in 1967 between Jollify and Sea Cottage and in 2008 between Pocket Power and Dancer’s Daughter. A clear winner just could not be distinguished as both sets of horses crossed the prestigious finish line.

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