Cape Town Cool

Cape Town: this city is the definition of ‘too cool for school’, a place where you could be climbing a mountain in the morning, lazing on the beach at midday and surrounded by vineyards at a 5-star bistro for dinner.


Hastings Hall is located in a truly convenient spot, maximising your every opportunity to explore this mind-blowing city. With Table Mountain and Lion’s Head as your morning and evening backdrop, spacious accommodation and plenty of onsite amenities, Hastings Hall will become your go-to spot whenever you are lucky enough to spend some time in the Fairest Cape.


Cape Town is teeming with ‘touristy’ things to do – and if you have visited once, you have probably ticked a few of those things off the list already. For a few lesser known, quintessentially ‘Cape Town cool’ things to do, just follow the locals.

This is an absolute must – a Saturday morning breakfast at this local market, found in Woodstock, is a truly delicious experience. Feast on a potato and bacon rosti, traditional Dutch ‘poffertjies’, fresh chocolate croissants, amazing coffee – the mouth-watering treats are endless.

Local tip: get there early, between 7 and 10am, latest.


Lion’s Head 

Not for the unfit or faint-hearted. The hike up to the top of this iconic mountain towering over the city is not easy but there are no words to describe how much the view is worth all those precious beads of sweat.

Local tip: perfect your timing to make it just in time to watch the sunset. Summer months: commence your hike between 5.30 and 6pm.  Wear shoes with a good grip, pack water, a small bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers. You will feel incredibly ‘uncool’ if you don’t.


  • Picnic at Vergelegen

Just 40 minutes outside of Cape Town, you will find Somerset West and one of the oldest wine estates in the Cape, Vergelegen. Pre-book one of their fabulous picnics, held under in a forest of gigantic Camphor trees.

Local tip: if you are a dude and planning to bend a knee – it seriously does not get any more romantic than this spot.


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