Durban does it again

Durbans Golden Mile_shutterstock_102494117

Durban – home to sizzling surf, the bunny chow and ‘Howzit my bru’, where the sun shines all year round and the seaside is never too far from your doorstep. The Oceanic Resort, found just metres from Durban’s popular beach promenade, welcomes you with arms wide open and is a glorious base from which to discover this warm (really warm) and welcoming city.

Durban is probably your best option in the country to truly escape the clutches of winter, with average temperatures reaching 25 – 27 degrees during the day; the weather is at its most steady this time of the year – perfect for long beach days, picnics or road trips.

While sipping your morning coffee over an early sunrise and planning your day ahead in one of South Africa’s most vibrant cities, you can allow yourself to get back on track during a refreshing weekend break at The Oceanic.

Onsite facilities include 27 high-rise, self-catering apartments, a swimming pool and outdoor braai area, Jacuzzi and the popular La Vita restaurant offering home style dishes to warm you from the inside out.


Savour some of these classic favourites the next time you visit The Oceanic:

  • Oxtail stew
    Slow cooked in a rich red wine jus with butterbeans, served with creamy mashed potato.
  • Chicken and prawn curry
    Made with traditional Sri Lankan flavour using coconut milk and plenty of aromatics. Served with rice, poppadums and sambals.
  • Cheddar melt steak
    200g prime sirloin, grilled and topped with cheddar cheese and mushroom sauce. Served with veggies and chips.
  • BBQ pork spare ribs
    Sticky and juicy, basted with a homemade BBQ marinade and served with a pile of chips.     

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