Serene and Tranquil, Desert Rose

Enjoy late lunches on the balconies whilst sipping on a glass of sparkling wine
Enjoy late lunches on the balcony whilst sipping on a glass of sparkling wine

Desert Rose is situated in the heart of Henties Bay. You literally have the beach at your doorstep and the spectacular views of the ocean. The apartments are perfectly built for you and your partner to enjoy late lunches on the balconies whilst sipping on a glass of sparkling wine. If it’s a glorious day and the sun is out a game of volleyball on the beach would be a good idea. Remember to put on some suntan lotion. We don’t want anyone to get sun burnt. Desert Rose will certainly appeal to the outdoor loving travel bugs looking for quality time with their loved one or families.

If you a take a 70km drive from the resort this will bring you to Swakopmund where you will find curio shops, restaurants and the wonderful Kristall Galerie. Inside the Galerie one can find a Gem garden and shop, a Crystal cave and jewellery boutique. This is definite must see during your vacation. For those of you who are feeling a bit adventurous and need a rush of excitement then we suggest you head for the beach or the desert on a quad bike at Swakopmund. Have I mentioned that Henties Bay has the most amazing dunes? Well, if I were you and I was in the area I would grab a sliding board and head for the dunes.

Did you know: That the Kristall Galerie displays the largest Quartz Crystal Cluster in the world? Yes, this is a true fact it is estimated to be about 520 million years old and weighs 14 100 kilograms.

Imagination is a wonderful thing. It allows for you to escape normal life and just close your eyes for a minute and dream. At the end of your week you all probably tired and in need of something soothing and relaxing. So after reading this blog post just close your eyes and stop what you doing. Imagine yourself on vacation at Desert Rose standing on the balcony looking out to sea and just breathing….


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