Unforgettable Sunsets The Bushveld Way, Gethlane Lodge..

Sunsets at Gethlane Lodge.. magnificent!
Sunsets at Gethlane Lodge.. magnificent!

January is coming to an end and most of us have probably returned to our jobs. It’s so weird because it feels like the other day you were on holiday. Time flies especially when you are on holiday spending time with your family and friends.  When the office starts to get a bit crazy and your workload is overflowing I’m sure we all wish we could close our eyes and push a magic button that would transport us to a tropical island.  Kind of like a time machine?  Highly doubt those exist, but it’s always nice to dream, but what if you could start planning for another getaway?

The first step is to start circling all the public holidays and long weekends on the calendar. Thereafter decide on a location or resort that you would like to visit.  When choosing a location try to think of a one that’s going to fulfill your vacation needs. Are you in the mood to for an adventure, to explore or simply relax? What if we told you that we have a resort that could tick all your boxes? Situated amongst 172 hectares of bird rich indigenous forest in a well-stocked game farm is the amazing Gethlane Lodge. When staying at the resort you can take a relaxing stroll through a walking trail. Below is a list of four walking trails available:

  • Burgersfort Walk 1.79km
  • Bush-Braai Walk 1.23km
  • Kudu Walk 1.46km
  • Lydenburg Walk 4.25km

If you are in the mood to explore then visit the recently discovered Voortrekker farm this makes for a nice family outing to a historical site. During the walking trail keep your eyes peeled and see if you if you can spot any of the resort’s local wildlife. The giraffe’s tend to play peek a boo in between the trees.  If you would like to stay at the resort and enjoy the facilities there is outdoor chess, adventure golf and 5 swimming pools to choose from.

When visiting Gethlane Lodge be sure to check out some amazing historical relics left behind on the property.
When visiting Gethlane Lodge be sure to check out some amazing historical relics left behind on the property.

The list of activities is endless this is just snippet of what you can experience while on holiday. From the moment you check in and relax in your chalet to spoiling yourself for a meal at the onsite restaurant, Izinyoni. Every moment spent at Gethlane is worthwhile.





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