Travel Themed Décor

Our blogger, Teri Row's awesome Nifty250 prints!
Our blogger, Teri Row’s awesome Nifty250 prints!

What is the first thing we all pack before we go on holiday? I’ll give you a clue it’s an object that needs to charged on a regular basis, it’s black most often and it allows for you to capture images and post them on various social media sites. Can you guess what it is now? Yes, a camera. Cameras have made it easier these days to capture moments and countries that you have travelled to over the years. Nowadays most cellphones such as iPhones or Samsung’s have really good cameras too. You can always whip out your phone and take a pic. In our homes we love to decorate our bedrooms with ornaments, or souvenirs that you may have bought or hang photo frames of your friends and family. Technology and people have come up with brilliant ideas and ways for you to share and decorate your home with awesome photographs. Not to mention the different tools and apps that you can use to edit your images.

Ever heard of Nifty250? If not, then listen up Nifty250 allows for you to print your Instagram photographs in a traditional Polaroid style. Our blogger, Teri Row has become a regular customer of this service. Above is an example of the images which she has had printed.

Additionally if you are not so good with camera’s and prefer to decorate or re arrange your furniture then choose a room in the house which you can use to share all your travel memories. For example you could create a shelf. Then shelve it with some books about the foods or cocktails that you experience in those countries. Another idea is to hang some ornaments above the fireplace or use old vintage travel bags as a side table. If you are feeling stuck and in need of some inspiration check out our Pinterest board “Travel Themed Décor”.

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