The Beauty of Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve

A beautiful day at Doornkop
A beautiful day at Doornkop

Come and spend a weekend at our resort and discover the true beauty of Doornkop Wildlife. For this adventure you will definitely need your binoculars, camera to capture those pricesless moments, hiking gear and your favourite field guide.  The Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve is located near Carolina, Mpumalanga. From the moment you drive through the gates of Doornkop rest assured you are in for a relaxing and memorable experience. I must tell you though that you might be greeted by our tall, dark brown and handsome Giraffes they like to see who’s here to visit.

Doornkop is home to a variety of bird species and wildlife which can be viewed from your chalet. You may spot some zebra’s, wildebeest or even some kudu bulls. So keep your eyes peeled and your binoculars in hand! On the reserve there are about 8 trout dams which are used for fly fishing. If you are a fisherman then you have defiantly checked into the right place. We also have a fly shop onsite in case you have forgotten or in need of additional fly fishing equipment.

Fly fishing at Doornkop
Fly fishing at Doornkop

For the next part of our adventure you going to need your hiking gear which I mentioned earlier on because at Doornkop there are some lovely trails to hike or horse ride. The “Runs Trail” is a stunning 24 km scenic walk around the reserve and if you like to see more of the bird life. Then the “Acacia Waterfall Trail” is the perfect option. It’s an excellent 2km birding trail.

After an exhausting day of fly fishing, hiking and game viewing we all need to chill out and relax in the comfort of our chalets. At Doornkop the units are self-catering and have their own braai facilities outside. Which is perfect for the kiddies they can have their marshmallow braai’s. Last, but not least is our Club House which consists of reception, a tuck shop, pool deck, TV and games room.

The Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve is the ideal destination and getaway for the whole family. Your next holiday trip should definitely be with us.

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