Sodwana Bay Lodge, The Perfect Combination Of Forest And Ocean

Our lovely chalets at Sodwana Bay Lodge
Our lovely chalets at Sodwana Bay Lodge

For a rugged outdoor getaway and family vacation travel to our lovely resort, Sodwana Bay Lodge. It is the perfect combination of forest meets ocean vacation, located on the Eastern seaboard, the heart of Maputal and surrounded by lagoons and lakes that glisten against the sun. The resort is well-known for being a fisherman’s paradise great catches have been made by fisherman on the Magnum Fishing Charters. Sodwana Bay Lodge is also considered to be the perfect site for scuba diving so get your snorkels and flippers ready we are about to begin our adventure in Sodwana!

There are a range of exciting activities that the guests can try out such as whale watching, fishing, scuba diving, quad biking and microlight flying. From the month of June to November the Humpback Whales pass along the coastline for their annual migration. Sometimes you can see these majestic creatures from the shore, however a boat based whale watching tour is highly recommended.  Another really awesome activity to do while staying at the resort is going on a microlight flight. This gives you a better view of the ocean, area and some of the magnificent creatures of the sea such as the dolphins and turtles, but it also gives you a chance to soar like an eagle in the sky which is an amazing experience!

Turtle making its way to the sea
Turtle making its way to the sea

Now that we have shared with you a few activities that you can do while on vacation. Let us take you around the resort and see what else Sodwana has to make your stay a memorable one. Firstly, our chalets have been appropriately decorated and offer privacy as well as incredible views. Our guests are welcome to the hire the conference rooms for functions. Sodwana Bay Lodge has all the facilities and necessities to host rewarding “spirit of Africa” functions and conferences. Lastly, we also have a restaurant onsite named the Leatherbacks. The restaurant offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to ensure that our guests can enjoy their meals and listen to the sounds of ocean waves crashing onto the shore.

Don’t delay or postpone, book your next vacation with us. Send your enquiries through to and our booking agents will kindly assist you. It’s as easy as one, two three!

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