Wanderlust in Mossel Bay, South Africa

The beautiful Mossel Bay
The beautiful Mossel Bay

Set against an impressive rocky hillside, Perna Perna Mossel Bay is a compact, multi-level resort with spacious apartments overlooking the ocean.  These self- catering units are fully equipped with all the necessary essentials for a seaside holiday. Before we take on a tour around the town and tell you all about the exciting things to do on the resort. Let us introduce to you one of our permanent residents at our resort. Her name is name is Perna, she is our love bird. Perna is very fond of children and absolutely adores our guests.

The kiddies visiting our little birdy, Perna
The kiddies visiting our little birdy, Perna

At the resort we have a swimming, outdoor chess set and a playground which you can use to keep the kids entertained. We also have a lovely herb garden that the staff pick fresh herbs from. There are bikes on hire if you would like to cycle around the town. If you are feeling thirsty afterwards you can get cool drink or a snack from our vending machines. Downstairs we have a cupboard filled with board games for our guests to use. Now that you have met Perna and had a tour of the resort it’s time to explore the city!

Go gambling at the Garden Route Casino and enjoy the gaming facilities. Who knows, you might just get lucky! However, If you keeping your luck for another day. Instead of going to the casino you and your family can take a drive to Oudtshoorn and visit the Cango Caves. They contain spectacular limestone formations in a wide variety of colors. They say that Southern Africa’s earliest people found shelter here.  Since then it has become a popular tourist destination and is a mind blowing experience for those that have never been.

Lungi Mthethwa, a First Resorts blogger had this to say about her visit to Cango Caves, “I went on the standard tour which was an hour and it took us through some of the largest halls. When you step into the caves you literally step into another world and you are surrounded with the most beautiful natural formations. It’s an experience I will never forget, but forever treasure.”

The staff at Perna Perna like to take care of our guests and ensure that they have a fabulous holiday! Pop into Perna Perna Mossel Bay and spend your holiday with us.

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